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Thread: Anypony watch the new episodes for season 5?

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    Default Anypony watch the new episodes for season 5?

    I just finished watching the 2 episodes and they were great enjoyed every minute of it they are starting off with a bang ^_^

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    Right here. I watched it on YouTube later that day and I gotta say they certainly started it off with a bang. This is just me but in the 1st episode I almost could not stand Fluttershy, even though she was really cute in a few scenes. But at least in the 2nd episode she redeemed herself. The villain was surprisingly awesome because she was sooo good at playing both the good side and bad side. Hope to see her in later episodes. Finally, the song "In our town", I thought that song was really catchy.

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    I also enjoyed the start of the new season. I'm looking forward to see where else the map takes them and who knows maybe the CMCs will get their cutie marks this season.

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    Absolutely loved it, lots of luaghs and a nice unique story line. Looking forward to the rest of the season.

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