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Thread: Hi! Glad to find this.

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    Cool Hi! Glad to find this.

    Hi everyone! Of course I am new here, just joined today this being my first post. But these seems to be a great community site, and seems to be very active! Let me introduce myself right quick...

    I am from Nevada and am 22 years of age. I am going to college to do a dual major and am on the six year plan ... four years almost done. I love to snowboard and wakeboard and I work up at a ski resort teaching kids how to snowboard. (plus it gets me my free season pass) . So that is a little about my social life, feel free to ask more... don't want to bore you guys with everything about me in on post... then they would be nothing left to talk about :P.

    So onto my dl side of life... I have been into diapers for long as I can remember... since I can remember when I was little I wanted to be in them. So it was nothing that triggered it in my later years of life. I know for sure since I was in first grade that I had a yearning to be in diapers. I could get my hands on some back then because I had a friend who still wet the bed at night, and his mom let us wear them during the day. (she probably just thought it was us being silly) (I am not sure why my friend wanted to wear them... for he is required too at night)( Since 3rd grade I was not longer in contact with him and I wonder if he was a dl

    Anyways onto other stuff... let along loving diapers... i am into being humilated, punished, and dominated. (so diapers are definitly great for that.) For those of you interested I have quite a story to tell... if anyone is interested i shall type it out for everyone.

    Well i am looking forward to getting to know members and am thinking this site might be great. Be posting laters


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    Welcome to ADISC! Sounds like you have a sweet job, it must be fun!

    You've come to the right place if you want to discuss anything AB/DL related. There's a lot of off-topic stuff, too! So post around and enjoy the site~! :]

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    Welcome aboard!

    You probably live in one of the best places to go snowboarding... I'm a (bad) snowboarder myself, and all my deep envy goes to you in this moment!

    Have you ever tried snowboarding in diapers? It's one of the things on my "to-do" list, but I'll have to work out some guts before.

    If you have any personal experiences you want to share, ADISC has got a "blog" section, and I'm sure many people here will be interested in reading.

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    Thanks for the welcomes!!! and oh wow! the blog section sounds neat! I am not the best snowboarder either... it is my second season this year. I can afford it because of the free pass... but it helps that you have to be up there 2 times a week minimum for work to get the pass. ALot of times it is only have a day so there is plenty of time to free ride. Teaching helps you improve as well, I learned a ton from teaching kids. You just do everything so slow and it helps you realize how the board works and react.

    This year I finally started hitting table top jumps and rails. It is a blast. Anyways I will try to look at the blog section and see what it is all about.

    Thanks again everyone for welcoming me!


    Oops... almost forgot. Last year I did go snowboarding in diapers a couple of time. hehehehehe. On cold days so i am wearing my snow jacket though... just so my diaper stays covered. It is pretty cool, because you legs are spread apart on the board and you can feel the diaper swishing back and forth between your legs. I have not had the chance this season to...but I plan on it.


    P.S. when you get the chance you gotta try it!
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    Your second season, and you're already a snowboard teacher? I've put my feet on a board more than ten years ago for the first time and I consider myself lucky to complete a descent without making any grotesque fall... yeah, then I didn't practice for five years in a row and I just started back last year, finally buying all the equipment. You probably had more days on the snow in one year than I had in my whole life but... damn... now it makes me feel so much of a loser!

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    lol nah you are fine. Just I tried to get up there 4 times a week up there... 2 of those days were working. Just to let you know you don't need to know much to teach there. If you know the basics and your fun and exciting you can teach the kids. I learned mostly everything from teaching. I could toe stop and heel stop pretty much when I first started lol.

    So I didn't need to know much, but I rather done that than work some other field up there. So take a how many seasons in weeks and mutliply it with an average of 3. That is how many times I went up for my first season. So smile you are cewwwll!

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    Heya, guessing from the name that you are a furry?

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    Not really a furry, but the idea is just so neat. I kinda want to be one, but the fact is I like to dominated and humilated. I don't know the concept just grabs me. I am not a full time one and I rarely act like it. It is just so hard to describe.

    I would not consider myself a furry. If i were to be one though i would definitly be a wolf cub. I do though find furrys very attractive. I'm not sure why. I more attracted to them than I am wanting to be one.

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