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    I'm what you would call elderly.(ancient) I'm 71, widower for the past 11years.
    I've been a diaper lover ever sense I was about 12. I don't know what kicked in my love for diapers. I wasn't able go buy my own diapers at that time and couldn't wear while in the service. So as a teen, I would collect all of my underwear and put them on at night as a diaper. It wasn't the same as a diaper, but it was better than nothing.
    After I got married, I told my wife that I liked to wear diapers, she was very understanding of it but never understood my desire to wear diapers. She made sure that I had plenty on hand and I would go into diapers as soon as I got home and showered.. so I've been able to be diapered when ever I was so inclined to wear. which was almost every night and24/7 on the weekends. There haven't been too many days and nights that I haven't been wearing.
    These days, I'm a little more restricted in what I can do now, I still go to the gym several days a week, can't walk as far because of bad hips but I still get around. I like watching football also any programs about aliens and what they was supposed to have done for mankind. I also like visiting with my friends and neighbors

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    Welcome 43goofball43! That was a great intro. Having an understanding spouse or SO is unusual, so you were very blessed to have an understanding wife.

    What is your favorite football team?

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    I have been a Packers NFC fan ever since Bart Star played for them. In the AFC I'm a Pittsburgh Steelers fan for a very long time

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    Since you put down you're from Arizona, I thought you might be a Cards fan like me.

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