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Thread: website where you can get a sample of like 5 different diapers

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    Default website where you can get a sample of like 5 different diapers

    I know I've seen it referenced here at least once, and I've even visited it. Now that my supply is dwindling, I need to shop around. Anyone have the URL?

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    Thanks so much! I'm so excited to find this, I just wet my diaper, again.

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    its too bad that most of the places that offer "variety sampler" packs charge so much for them. Samples themselves are occasionally expensive, but they have to pay shipping for it so I can see. But when you're filling a box with 1-2 dozen diapers, I think it's abusive to be charing $3-4 ea for them. ABU had the only reasonably priced variety pack I've ever seen.

    Tho bambino's variety case is kinda nice, two bags each of teddy, bianco, and classico. (they will do any mixed case you request by email, so you could say, sub out one of the classico for one of the bellisimo, they only charge the difference in the bag cost)

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    Default in Canada gives free samples with your order.

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