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Thread: DL reintroduction from midwest

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    Default DL reintroduction from midwest


    I joined this sight looking for insight from others with AB/DL interests.

    I enjoy an engaging professional career, have fun with sports and fitness activities and try to contribute to my local environment. I also have a strong AB/DL (primarily DL) interest that I want to be more integral than sideline.

    I anticipate I will gain more insight here. I look forward to future dialog with the community.


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    Welcome! I'm from the Midwest too! But I don't tend to enjoy generic sports and fitness activities. :P What sort of sports and/or fitness activities? Skiiing? Ice fishing? Trail running? Rugby? Curling? Lacrosse?

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    Welcome back! We're full on insight here. And other things. Best thing to do is jump right in on the threads. Enjoy!

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    Glad your back, dlboi71 I'm from the Midwest too, and like zipperless said the best thing to do is jump in the threads, enjoy.

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    Nebraska guy here, I too enjoy sports and gaming

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    Howdy DLBOI. I am also from the midwest (MN.) I really think that you will enjoy all that is offered here, advice, opinions, suggestions, personal experiences, great wisdom and insight, friendliness, compassion and understanding, and lots of times, some really good humor. There are a fantastic group of people here who want (for the most part) to make you feel welcome and safe to talk about or explore just about anything that's on your mind or happening in your life.
    I am not so much into gaming as I consider myself to be computer stupid, but I am into music (primarily blues and jazz/fusion), guitar (I have been playing for quite a while), bass guitar, drums, ferrets (I have owned 7 of the l'il critturs), motorcycles (I have owned several and currently own a big metric bagger), and electronics. so, welcome, and enjoy your time with us!

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