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Thread: help any FTM (female to male) AB/toddlers

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    Default help any FTM (female to male) AB/toddlers

    When in toddler mode how do you make your self feel more like a little boy

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    Well that depends on what you're interested in. Even in my adult life, I have always been more attracted to "boy" like things, so my little side naturally is attracted to toy cars and Legos and anything with dinosaurs and spaceships. Although these items are often geared towards boys, that doesn't mean that girls can't like them too, same goes for "girls" items. I often find myself attracted to the color pink or purple on occasion and that's okay You can use, play, make, or have items of any gender or color. These things don't define you, or make you any less of a boy. Hope that helped! *hugs*

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