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Thread: Is there a good IRC client for Ubuntu?

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    Default Is there a good IRC client for Ubuntu?

    I have recently outfitted my laptop with linux. (The HDD crashed and I used the Win7 for my gaming PC) Now that I am back into Adisc I want to get back to IRC but found out that mIRC and IceChat don't have versions for linux. If anyone can recommend a good irc client for linux, that would be spectacular. I am really looking forward to chatting it up with old friends.

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    XChat's a great client - I've used it before.
    My choice is irssi. Scriptable and very customizable. Integrates well into minimalist and CLI environments nicely.

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    I use Arch myself, so I'm not familiar with Ubuntu, but the IRC clients aren't distro-specific so you might find this list of IRC clients on the Arch wiki helpful:

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    If you want something graphical, hexchat is probably what you want. It's a fork of xchat (which while stable, is no longer maintained).

    Personally I use irssi, but if you want to go command line, may as well learn weechat at this point as it's on a pretty steady course to unseat irssi as the defacto standard on linux.

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    I still use Pidgin on all my systems, mostly a Win7 shop but also on my Debian laptop.

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    Hexchat if you are looking for something stable, and does IRC really well. (sudo apt-get install hexchat)
    Pidgin if you are looking for something that can handle a TON of chat protocols besides IRC, and does IRC adequately. (sudo apt-get install pidgin)
    IRSSI if you are looking for something stable, does IRC really well, is lightweight, but is console-based. (sudo apt-get install irssi)
    Weechat if you are looking for an extensible bells-and-whistles client that is also super-lightweight: (sudo apt-get install weechat)
    Chatzilla if you want to use IRC in Ubuntu's default browser (Firefox):

    They are all good. Take your pick based off of your preferences.

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