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    Default what would you suggest

    For as long as I can remember the diapers I've used in the past are

    Some store brand
    Goodnites Boy & Girl
    Depend Maximum Protection
    Attends with Waistband
    Tranquility Atn & Slimline
    And Molicare Super Plus

    I was wondering what suggestions you would have regarding a printed diaper possibly a couple unisex ones, and couple boyish & girlish ones.

    I am a size medium.
    Thanks in advance for your suggetions

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    Abena Abri Form X Plus M-4
    Dry 24-7
    DC Amor Pink ones
    if you can score old Green back vintage Depends fitted Briefs overnight protection ones they are decent when they made them in Green Backed Plastic
    thats my 2 cents worth

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    Abena Abri-form M4 plastic back makes the best starter premium diaper and the Dry 24/7s are pricey but a must try.

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