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Thread: Bambino Announces New Adult Sized Goodnite Style Pull Ups

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    Default Bambino Announces New Adult Sized Goodnite Style Pull Ups

    I was told by an insider from Bambino that they are currently designing new adult sized pull ups, but not granny-panty style. They will be like sized up Goodnites, but have better absorbency. They will come in 3 different levels of absorbency, with the highest level being equivalent to the Classico/Teddy/Bianco diapers. They will have boys designs, girls designs, as well as a neutral design that is more babyish to be reminiscent of the Huggies Little Movers slip ons or training pants. But, the catch is that these are a limited run. Exactly 0 units will be produced, so get your hands on em' quick!


    April Fools

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    ugh, that day again?

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    This was particularly cruel. Goodnights were a big part of my life growing up, so this made me particularly sad. I loled when I figured it out, but I was sad nonetheless, lol

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    Yeah, I already fell (partially) for one of these pranks... fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me... missed me, missed me... neener-neener!

    Thanks for play'n our game!

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    You had me hook, line and sinker you stinker! I was so excited for a brief moment.... good job!
    After the jokes I played today, I am now the fool!

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