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Thread: Any recommendations for comfortable and discreet pull-up

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    Default Any recommendations for comfortable and discreet pull-up

    I am looking for recommendations for the most comfortable adult pull-up that will be discreet under clothes. Absorbency is not a major factor because, unlike my nighttime diapers, I don't plan on wetting the pull-ups much. Comfort is my #1 consideration. Thanks in advance.

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    I like the always discreet... I don't like depends... It rips ..

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    I second Always Discreet.

    I have also tried Tena and Abena Pull-ups . I'm not sure if they are discreet. I do see the lines on my butt when I look in the mirror, but maybe I only see it because I'm paranoid.

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    I third Always Discreet.

    I have found CVS brand overnight pull-ups to be adequate as well; they also have standing leak guards. Always fit much better though.

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    I fourth Always Discreet. So far I like when I wear them. They're going to be my choice for Dr visits.

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