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Thread: Places to go in the US

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    Default Places to go in the US

    Hi there!

    I am quite new here, so I hope you have some patience with me

    I am from Austria and my wife and I will travel to America soon. We will visit a lot of places on the east and westcoast as well as a famous city of gambling in Nevada (ggg - guess which ) ...
    It's not my first visit in the US, and we are really looking forward to it. We already have made out a lot of the "normal" touristically appealing places we will go to.

    So here comes my question concerning those "other" places:
    Are there some "need to be" places for our fetish in the US? Clubs or shops? Certain diapers that one has to buy when in the US (I love them big and fluffy)? And where to buy them?
    Any other places?
    We are into diaperfetish and BDSM as well...

    Thanks so much for any hints in advance.
    Your community is great!

    cya around!

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    95% of the stores in America offer cheap products. You would be better off staying in a hotel and order them online and have them shipped to a hotel. You can try Bambino, Dry 24/7, Aww So Cute. I'd advise to use expedited shipping. If you have Amazon Prime, it would work out great for you.

    I think you should come stop in Louisiana and try some of the best food in the world.

    I wish you the best on your visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeTaLMaNN1983 View Post

    I think you should come stop in Louisiana and try some of the best food in the world.

    I wish you the best on your visit.
    I know this is sort of far from the west coast...but I second this BIG time. The food on the gulf coast is mind blowingly incredible. Try going to a crawfish boil if you're their when they're in season!

    As far as the West in particular? There's quite a lot out there--but a few standouts I can think off the top of my head:

    1.) The Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam. Seeing them in person is mind blowing. Pictures don't do it justice.

    2.) Nappa Valley (esp. if you're into wine!)

    3.) Yellowstone/Rocky Mountains (I recommend the Grand Teton range, if you can get there)

    4.) Southern Cali beaches (Huntington, Laguna, etc. All very nice, but a bit touristy)

    5.) Redwood forests in Cali

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    Personally, I'd want to do a regular vacation, not focus on the fetish stuff as much. There are some amazing US tourist destinations. That said, you may want to buy some bambinos while you're here, they're a great diaper and they're made on the west coast and ship for free in the US.

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    there a nice little hot spring I like to go to is.
    Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort
    it always nice to go off the beaten path and find some were nice
    if you look around there always some were neat to go to.

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    I know when a lot of people visit the US, they'll drive Route 66 & stop at some of the little tourist spots along the way.

    Stopping by a few of the National parks could be fun. Redwood forest, meteor crater, Yellowstone, etc.

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    Hey guys

    Thanks for your infos.
    @AchieRoni: We will be doing both, nice touristic stuff and diapers (I need to wear them anyways ).

    Last question: I will try and get a GSM SIM ard for my android smartphone. Which provider offers best reception all over america and has cheap rates for a month. What would you recommend?
    TIA for any answers!

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    Washington DC is a great tourist town with good public transportation. A couple of places to play and have fun include Williamsburg, Va. and Kissimmee, Florida home to Disney and numerous other parks.

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    Oregon coast is beautiful. I took these pictures within 5 miles of eachother Click image for larger version. 

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