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Thread: I hate to post this news story...but people need to know...

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    Default I hate to post this news story...but people need to know...

    Not for the faint of heart........but this story really REALLY makes me angry.

    Fla. doctor investigated in badly botched abortion : 24 Hour Breaking News : The Buffalo News

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    Ok. That guy needs a big kick in the ass.

    I mean come on, the girl delievered birth and he threw it out. I hope he gets charged with murder.

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    Hmm, I agree. People who do this sicken me. Basically, the baby was a toy. A game. A pawn in the chessboard of life. Do that one again, "doctor." See how the community reacts when you toss babies in the trashcan.

    Oh, and, why throw away the baby? Was it too scary for you? Did childbirth creep you out too much? It was the girl's, you know.
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    One of the ways nature protects babies by making it repulsive for us to even think about something like this. It's frighteniing to know that there are people who can overcome or ignore their own natural reflexes and do it. As much as I object to the way jails are run I don't believe there's any place else for people like that.

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    I'm not sure what the big deal is.

    She was going to have an abortion and kill the baby. She didn't quite have an abortion but it did come out and die.

    I'm not saying that this wasn't bad, somebody seriously messed up and this shouldn't happen. But I don't think any body who supports abortions but cries when an identical human dies for the same reason but happens to be out of the body is being rational at all.
    I've heard of much much worse abortions that are completely legal and that have happened with much older unborn children. They make me sad.
    This, to me, is a lot of fuss over sloppy work, but I don't think anything morally terrible has happened here.

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    What Charlie said. If the baby had been killed moments earlier people would be fine with it. Now, I find the story sickening and a poor reflection on the state of humanity, but no more so than any other abortion.

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    I don't think this has anything to do with being pro-choice, pro-life, or pro-abortion.

    This is a matter of a doctor not having the knowledge, resources, or any common sense to do more good than bad. What kind of doctor in their right mind would throw a baby out? Or not know what instruments to use? I really hope he gets what's coming to him.

    Just proves that better careers and more money don't make better people...

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    I read the story a few days ago, but if I recall, the doctor was a no-show and the guy that did the cutting and the throwing away didn't have any medical qualifications. Honestly, it's a more dignified way to die than the typical abortionist methods if you ask me.

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    Even the Chinese don't kill babies that have taken their first breath.

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