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    Hey, Its me again, I was sort of debating back and fourth, weather to post this but here goes, my grandma's sick, due to certain factors, (looks at my brother.) And she wouldn't call the cop's, and my life in general, has been stressful, Due to two past semesters, my second one in college, where I had a hard math that I wasn't really for, and the one before the one I'm currently in, I have a bit of test anxiety, and I'm afraid for my grandma, because of my brother, because I just fell helpless and I'm afraid, and as you can tell its been effecting my college work, because it brings my fantasies out stronger, and my grandma just goes on with her life, like nothing has changed, and I' m really afraid of my brother and what he can do, anyway he's not always like this, but when he is, its torture, Even when he's not it's still pretty bad, Because he insults my artwork, and my YouTube ideas, although once in a while he can give good ideas. and he talks about YUGIOH ALL THE TIME, I LIKE THE SERIES BUT COME ON!!!!!! Sorry for ranting I just needed to vent, anyway I don't really know what to do, I have 8 more months left and I really need your help to get my life together.

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    Hey, sounds pretty stressful around your place. Not sure how to help, especially if that bro of yours is creating a lot of the stress.

    One thing you can do to help your gran, is give her lots of support (which I'm sure you're already doing.) I hope your brother is not being violent, if so, that can't be ignored, it is wrong and someone roll get hurt. Even if it's emotional bullying or drugs or such, that too can't bf ignored.

    I'm just guessing of course, but it seems the cause of yours and your grans stress can be sorted with a reality check for your brother.

    I'm sorry if things are really bad for you and hope you find a way through it. In the mean time take care and lean on us, we'll be there.

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    Thanks, for that and I will.

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    Could you handle your brother if you told him to knock it off and he got physical? Would the benefit of him settling down outweigh any risk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neags View Post
    Could you handle your brother if you told him to knock it off and he got physical? Would the benefit of him settling down outweigh any risk?
    Umm, admittingly no.

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    IF he is being physically violent to you grandma and/or he is doing something physical to cause her to be sick, then do not wait for your grandma to do something. Call the authorities NOW and report it.

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