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Thread: My little sides amazing day out!

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    Default My little sides amazing day out!

    If this is in the wrong place or generally not supposed to be posted about here I'm really sorry, this was my first real post here and I really wanted to share. I'll be happy to move it if I need to.

    Yesterday was a really big step for me, or for Lex (my little side) really. Today was the first day I got to at least dip my toe into expressing my little side in public. I'll lay out the timeline of what happened.

    I got out of my last class for the day at noon, and bolted straight for my car. I hopped in and put on my Wreck-it Ralph soundtrack CD. It's what I use to let Lex know it's okay for him to start to take the mental wheel as it were. I drove off campus to the grocery store, grabbed Lex's diaper bag, and trotted happily into a bathroom stall, where I changed into Lex's entirely necessary padding. After I got those annoying and unnecessary pair of big boy underwear off, I grabbed some wipes because I was out, bought them and left the store. By now I was starting to fall out of college student mode and into Lex mode.

    Next I headed to McDonalds, something adult me can't stand, but Lex LOVES Happy Meals! I drove a few more minutes until I got to the local park where I spent countless days of my actual youth. I would have normally been self conscious of the giant grin on my face but Lex didn't think about it in the slightest. I ate my food, grabbed the diaper bag, and headed over to the swings. The park was empty except for a mother and son playing on the far other side, so Lex had the whole place practically to himself. I pulled out my 3DS and started playing Pokemon while gently swinging on the swing set. Soon the mother and son left and I had the entire playplace to myself! I honestly didn't expect so many things to go right all at once, but then again it wasn't like I won the lottery, (I live in the middle of nowhere so some days you just don't see a lot of people), but I couldn't have felt more lucky. I grabbed my bottle filled with green tea (funny, I know, it's Lex's favorite) and started exploring the familiar playground, but with Lex's perspective.

    What happened next was kind of a surprise for me but retrospectively, Lex is by far my more uninhibited side. While running around the playground structures I felt a familiar pressure on my behind, and after double checking nobody was around, I used my diaper to it's full potential for the first time in public. It was exhilarating and embarrassing and most of all fun! Twenty minutes of solitary playtime afterwords a couple with two daughters arrived and I decided it was for the best for me to leave. However much I felt like I belonged right where I was an 18 year old who probably smelled like a diaper bin didn't need to be there.

    There are very private bathrooms perfect heavy duty diaper changes next to the park, which was where I somewhat clumsily cleaned up. Afterwords I put back my boring big boy pants on and that was the end of Lex's big day out. Sorry if this dragged on for too long but I really wanted to share this, it was a really big step for me and it was one of the most important things I've done in a very long time.

    I would really like to know what was your first time out doing anything like this, if you ever have at all?
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    I'm going to be perfectly frank: don't do this. This type of behavior in public is what gives us all a bad name and makes people think we're pedophiles and creeps. While I'm glad you were able to have some time to yourself, doing this type of thing in public is harmful to us all.

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    My original plan was to just sit around in the sun and relax for a couple hours and play my game, I would have absolutely never done anything like this if anybody was around, and the second people showed up I split. I'm not trying to argue, I completely agree that nobody should ever do anything like that where people are, but I was literally the only person there. The only reason anybody but myself knows what happened is because I posted it here.

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    Just be glad nobody called the police on you.

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    You have to be careful when you use your diaper, but aside of that, there's no law against playing on a playground. Just... maybe not mess yourself there, this time you were fine but that can go south in a hurry.

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    Fair enough, perhaps I didn't stress that I'm careful and do everything I can to insure nothing goes wrong. I just think saying i should be glad I wasn't arrested is a little much. Anyways, I'm genuinly sorry I offended you Nova.

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    Well, it sounds like reasonable precautions were taken here, so I'm not gonna come down too hard on this. Wearing a diaper under normal clothes is perfectly fine, though messing should be changed immediately and as discreetly as possible or not done at all. Being on the kids' playground is actually the most sketchy thing, the worry being that someone you didn't notice would see you, get concerned, and report it.

    Okay, so that done I'm glad you had a good time. It can be a lot of fun to play, and I'm very happy to hear that you're doing well with your little side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivy View Post
    Fair enough, perhaps I didn't stress that I'm careful and do everything I can to insure nothing goes wrong. I just think saying i should be glad I wasn't arrested is a little much. Anyways, I'm genuinly sorry I offended you Nova.
    I'm not offended, I would just hate to see someone make things difficult for you. Even though you're not doing anything wrong or illegal, public perception can still be hostile to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NovaDL View Post
    Just be glad nobody called the police on you.
    I change the tone of this sentence to show solidarity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nivy View Post
    For playing alone on a playground?!

    Quote Originally Posted by MattiKins
    There's no law against playing on the playground.
    Just be sure to be safe. Parents may not know us from pedophiles.

    Nivy didn't say that Lex was out in public with a , wearing a baby printed onsie, and no appropriate coverage for the bottom half, for goodness sake. I understand wanting a comfort item near by, so one should pick a lovey small enough to keep in his or her pocket, and keep it there. It'd make him or her feel little, without compromising individual safety, or ABDL safety as a whole. Wearing overtly AB clothes and having a paci or bottle in ones mouth, is just unsafe in front of people who'd do us harm. For the same reasons, If one wants to have a onsie on in public, leave the snap shoulder ones, and the lap neck ones at home, choose a solid color, or non-baby/kid print, and cover the bottom with a skort or trousers.

    Should it be that way? No, because I know of many disabled non-ABDLs who get sippy cups, and just put sports bottle lids on them, because they need a really narrow cup to rap their fingers all the way around, because of limited grip, or just the opposite, those who have trouble coordinating swallowing, will use larger sports bottles, with non no-drip sippy cup lids, because it slows the flow and they don't choke on their drinks, and the price of adapted cups is far too high! Don't get me started on the benefit some disabled people get from pacis.

    Messing in public isn't even against the law. It's just not nice to folks around the person who does it, or smart, if it can be avoided, because those around him or her, would most likely take issue with it, if it looked to them like he or she did it purposely, but if it didn't, how would they distinguish an accident from purposeful action? Dropping your undies and showing your bottom and genitals, is illegal. It's doubly bad if one does that to poop and/or pee on public grounds, which, unless one is camping in a designated area, that's illegal, but pooping and/or peeing in a diaper, or undies, isn't. Otherwise, all incontinent people, and every adult who ever had a genuine public accident, would be punished. Public sexual gratification is illegal, too. So, I guess that may make it a bit iffy.

    The only other issue I'd see people having, is if Nivy's gender is XY & Lex's is XX, or vice versa, but then Nivy could call the police on them, for discrimination.
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