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    So ive been wondering, what do people do more, shower in the morning, or shower in the evening.

    I for quite some time was prone to shower in the evening, but lately since my nights have been jam packed, ive resorted to showering in the morning. What ive discovered is that for me, a morning shower feels a bit better, with the warmth, and its a great way to wake up.

    What about you guys?

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    Usualy at Night Before going To Sleep , your all clean when sleeping and not sweaty ect after a full day

    but often in the morning Too just for wake up sake it helps
    Morning and night , twice a day

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    Weird... I just got out of the shower...

    Normally I'd shower more in the evenings... it's my way of winding down and preparing to go to bed or preparing to do anything before going to bed. If I want to study in the evening for example, I'd feel inclined to take a shower first.
    At times I will shower more than once a day... sometimes I need a shower to wake up in the morning.
    There actually was one point in time where I'd regularly take three or more showers in a day just because I liked the warmth (It get's quite cold here in the winter).

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    I always shower in the evening. Be it a few hours in advance or just before going to sleep. It just feels nice to go to bed all clean, and I don't have the energy to get out of bed like half an hours earlier just to shower.

    The only exception are weekends when I tend to go out both on fridays and saturdays. Then I shower about an hours before leaving the house.

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    Hmm, two or three times a day usually; I have something of a hygiene complex, although I also find it relaxing and refreshing (especially in the current climate, warm water after having been exposed to snow for... too long).

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    I like where you're going with this, OP. I shower in the morning. I caught a cold once a while back, and my mom didn't want me going to sleep with wet hair, so I just showered in the morning.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I always shower in the morning. Since I always wake up with my diaper being wet, I like to make sure I'm 100% clean going to work. Sometimes I take a shower in the evening as well, but not always. It depends on whether I feel unclean.

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    In the evenings, or afternoons even. I usually shower when I'm bored.
    I like to feel clean before going out, so it's usually a little bit before that... but I need time for my hair to dry.

    I would shower in the morning... but I always get up at the last minute and only have time to quickly eat (if that).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mistah View Post
    Weird... I just got out of the shower...
    So did I

    I shower in the morning. I've tried showering in the evening, but I find I feel dirty, groggy and still asleep all day if I don't shower when I wake up.

    As for going to bed dirty? I just wash my pajamas, sheets and pillow cases often.

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    Shower at night but if I have they day off then I shower in the morning.

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