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Thread: Operation Jade Helm

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    Default Operation Jade Helm

    This is getting a lot of lip service the last few days and is gaining momentum:

    Operation Jade Helm
    Operation Garden Plot
    Houston Chronicle Article

    I've seen several references on the internet about it, some like the above seem to be reliable. Basically, the story is the US military will "invade" several areas in the southwest US between July and September of this year. I have read things like it is just a training exercise to a Marshall Law exercise. Maybe it's a New World Order coming, according to several conspiracy theorists. To me, it almost seems like a test to see how vigilant we are to our surroundings should terrorists be amongst us.

    I usually dismiss conspiracy theories on the right and left but am actually wondering about this one. What have you read/heard? What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Maybe it's a New World Order coming, according to several conspiracy theorists.
    It's delightful when people think things will go this way. I won't say that the US Military is some bastion of morality, when you said any military out into combat, bat shit will happen, as it's always happened in war, but if you tell the US Military, which is an entirely voluntary force of Americans, 'To go out and Enslave the other Americans' their response would be something along the lines of 'Uhh... Er... No? In fact, we had a huddle and we think that maybe we should detain you who's giving the orders instead.'

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    People being distrustful of the government?!? Color me shocked. There is nothing going on here to be worried over, if they wanted to do a takeover it would be quick and silent, they would not go around telling people "So we are gonna be doing some drills"

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    That is surprisingly sketchy as far as press releases go. Especially considering how pro-military Fox usually is, even they sounded a little worried.

    I'll be surprised if anything comes of it, but I don't much like it, either.

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    Invade the southwest huh. So some federal yahoos are going to invade the state of Texas, where every man, woman and child is heavily armed. Perhaps they'll start in Waco. They can have a sort of reenactment or reunion. We all know how that first encounter worked out. I wonder if Texas will stand their ground? I can't wait because the news is getting boring again.

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    The more I think about this the more I don't believe it. The sources do seem a little on the extreme side.

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    Military exercises happen all the time. I don't see an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    The more I think about this the more I don't believe it. The sources do seem a little on the extreme side.
    I would agree with this assessment.

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    Fun fact, and this is actual US military code: any soldier has both a right and a duty to refuse an unlawful order, even if that order comes from the Commander in Chief (the President). That means that, should they be ordered to do something that violates the US Constitution, they would be fully within their rights to refuse it. Don't listen to this fearmongering crap. Should anyone issue an order like this, the military would fracture, with the vast majority not complying. And those that tried to would be outnumbered and stopped.

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    This is the just the latest dumb thing to get hawked by Infowars and similar outlets on the internet. Sometimes they cry wolf loud enough that more legitimate outlets report on the fact that they're crying wolf.

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