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Thread: ABDL show

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    I have no idea which one you are referring to but I had no idea that there was a wealth of ABDL videos on youtube.....lovely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank9127 View Post
    Has anyone seen this. Very good.
    link please

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    Of course, why would there be a link?

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    Link changed my life

    //JK, sarcasm this was posted before there was a link. XD

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    I believe the ABDL movie is coming out in the fall, a natural follow up to the ABDL show.

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    Frankly your a bit slow on the links unless thats the link taking so long.

    Maybe the US decided to downgrade youtube's internet speed to just a few bits per second which is taking a few hundred years to show up.

    I think I can wait until 2106 for the link to show up but after that I might no longer exist so...maybe show the link would be better?

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