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Thread: Wanna buy a Onesie - But Can't seem to find anything that is long enough

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    Question Wanna buy a Onesie - But Can't seem to find anything that is long enough

    Well.. Title about says it..

    I did my measurements, and I have a 42.5" waist, 42" chest, and a 38" height. both waist, and chest are the default XL size, but my height fits more into a triple to quadruple XL size.

    I am not sure where I could get a onesie that would cover my measurements.

    I am just looking for a basic onsie, no designs or anything, just white, or some other neutral color, nothing special, just something to cover up/support ma diapers.

    Any ideas would be appreciated! thanks

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    There's a few sites on the net can custom make them for Ya I think. Try funzee or jumpinjammerz I think one of these ones do it. Best of luck

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    If you want a onesie that ends up snug enough to hold the diaper close to the body, you may have to try some on (expensive, I know). I am about 72" tall, 42"chest and girth of 76" (measure from shoulder around thru the undiapered crotch up the back to where you started". A Baby-Pants onesie in XL was too big, for disposables, a L was fine. XPmedical's excellent 4care in L or XL fit also (snugly, and I wash cold so as not to shrink them). The knit has some stretch to it, and sometimes a larger chest size onesie can give some more length. My examples result in a snug crotch wearing a disposable. The L tends to give less diaper peeking out the sides than the XL.

    Good luck in your search.

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    Big Tots on Ebay will make what you want, just email her.

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    I completely forgot about big tots! Lol. I've bought a few things from her, jon Jon, babygrows snd shorts and I have to say the quality is great! Highly recommend

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    Checkout mazdam01 on ebay. I bought one from him and the length was definitely on the long side. Other than the length the fit and quality were really good, price was good too.

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