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Thread: The walking dead

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    Default The walking dead

    Who is ready for the season finale? I know i am

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    My wife is. I'm usually on a certain website looking over the top of my laptop only when I hear her gasp or something.

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    I watch the show for Daryl only. Rick is pissing me off and so is Carl. The crazy cookie lady who threatens little kids needs to die. The Asian kid is okay. I miss Hershel and katana lady irritates me. Sorry bad with most of the names.

    I can't see this show going for another full season. They are also planning a spinoff....I just want to see rick die and as soon as Daryl drops I am out. No Mas

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    I haven't watched an episode since the episode where Daryl and carol were walking aroud doing nothing.

    I think it was right Before Beth's death.

    I just got so bored with it, the walking dead used to be such a great show and then they got the new show runner for the third season who doesn't know what pacing is so you can go like three episodes where all anyone does is talk, they kill off characters that people love for no other reason then "this will deffinitly piss them off" and it basically become the freakin Daryl Dixon show and I can't pretend it's a good show anymore.

    I used to love it so much but it's gone so far downhill I can't even bring myself to try to care anymore.

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    Well I haven't missed an episode and won't be missing the finale. I'm actually really interested to see what's going down. Some things have annoyed me, but there always seems just enough to keep you on the edge.

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    I'm a couple of week behind but I will catch it by next weekend. I was sad to see Noah get it in the revolving door attack. He was a good character.

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    I'm ready for it. I've been a fan of the series since before there was a show. I've since stopped reading the comics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Penny View Post
    they kill off characters that people love for no other reason then "this will deffinitly piss them off"
    This also applies to Game of Thrones, yet people still love it.

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    I got bored of walking dead a while after they started on humans fighting humans. It lost its edge a bit for me.

    Game of thrones is awesome though. Killing off central characters. Great twists. Killing off Sean Bean at the end of series one. No way.... Especially as he may be a DL...

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