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Thread: Love hate relationship with diapers

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    Angry Love hate relationship with diapers

    so im stuck part of me love diapers and longs to wear them and I need to on my period at night since I loose my ability to feel my bladder durning that time of the month


    I love them or want to at least but when I put one on I hit sensory issues and becUse. Hyper sensitive and angry and I just want to meltdown and rip OT off and head bang im so frustrated by this the pull up diapers are the worst! I can feel the un even in the padding and I really need even padding. The biggest issue is how it bunches between my thighs it drives me into over,lad, any advice? Any way I can adjust to this? i. Wearing a cvs o e now and im practically in tears over this, I really need to adjust to them though I have been dealing with more accidents at night

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    Sorry to hear you're having a frustrating time. Maybe getting larger diapers would help, would certainly make them easier to adjust so they don't feel uneven. If you can't get larger diapers.... Maybe getting some small diaper stuffers would help? I'm thinking that the stuffer would possibly help even out the padding but experimentation is in order to confirm that. Good luck!

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    Get an abena m4, it should be able to keep the padding even.

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    You need to buy diapers that are better quality. Buy online - the diapers available to you are almost endless. Abena M4s, Tena Slip Maxis, Bambinos, Molicares .. you're sure to find something you like. And they won't bunch up or have uneven padding either. They'll last through the night no problem and hold more than double what those CVS diapers hold.

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