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Thread: Perfer wearing baby diapers

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    Default Perfer wearing baby diapers

    Does anyone else like wearing baby diapers and pull-ups more than the ones made for adults

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    If they fit, sure. I'm only 6 ft 165 lbs and the biggest sizes aren't anywhere near big enough. Goodnites I think are the only ones that I could ever fit into and even that was very tight and hard to move around in without splitting it at the sides.

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    I would perfer baby diapers myself. Even with my slim body, I still try for something that would fit me.

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    I do, it's not the best fit but I like them and because I can't find anything in my size, It's the only option.
    Besides they're so cute and the scent is great

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    If only they made them in my size... I wear Snuggies; the next best thing IMO.

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    Well, I like the designs of baby diapers but I'd rather wear diapers that fit me right like Snuggies or Fabines that have the allover print.

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    Toys R Us still sells Pampers 7s, which fit me fine (I can fit a 6 or even a 5 if I'm careful). 7s though, offer the best, most authentic experience IMO. And they absorb amazingly!

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    Yep! I love real baby diapers. My current favs are Libero size 7, absorb a ton. Kinda spendy with import shipping from the UK though

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    I used to wear baby cloth diapers when I was a young adult. I probably can still fit into Toddler sized Gerber plastic pants, which is what I wore back then. I loved the real baby experience that baby products can give.

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    i do the baby ones too, pampers 6 and 7, just use the tab mod and away we go. Simple and quick for a genuine experience. Also noticed they hold quite a lot and rarely leak.

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