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Thread: A law to legalize LGBT execution?

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    Default A law to legalize LGBT execution?

    Anyone hear about this?

    To think someone would actually want to do this.
    Someone wants to bring it to the ballot to vote on.

    It seems like it needs to be see if it really legal and constitutional.
    Then get a lot of signatures to even be put on a ballot.
    Seems like a small chance it can happen, but still... its scary

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    Yes! Very scary.
    The California Attorney General is going after the Lawyer who authored it, calling this wacko's proposed law a "Hate Crime".
    Advocating genocide is totally illegal.

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    Yeah seriously wtf that bs if they are not harming you then whats the big deal?! We should be trying to legalize an instant death penalty on convicted murderers instead of wasting our tax dollars on their health care and food they are a waste of our resources genocide people who actually deserve it thats just my opinion though.

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    This sounds like a cry for attention. Or just trying to get talks of LGBT back on to the news. I mean what is this sharia?

    I'm not for gay marriage(long story, not aginst calling it something else just for religious reasons don't want to call it marriage). However punishing, or killing people for doing something that effects no one else??? What tha crap???? The only group of people that I know of that kill LGBT today are those who practice sharia law. There would be war before something like this is written into law.

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    As the article - and common sense says - it's against all laws and human rights violations. Sadly, hatred still exists in the world. Don't even get me started on the recent fraternity chant.

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    This has to be a an attempt to gain attention. There is no way this bill would pass if it did that would be like declaring war on a significant portion of California's population. In that case the state would rip itself to pieces and the perps would represent only a scant handful out of the crowd. There is no scenario where they would come out on top. Im pretty sure if he wanted his attention he got it. though i severely doubt its the kind of attention he desired. He will be forever know as a villian for this and im pretty sure he will be driven out of being a politician and be disbarred as a lawyer as punishment for his insolence.

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    It won't go anywhere. For it to be put on the ballot, it needs something like 350k petition signatures within the next week.

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    I'm wondering how serious the guy is. Seems so over the top, almost like he's trolling the whole state, perhaps trying to expose the bigots who would sign to get it on the ballot? Signatures on these are a matter of public record, so if you sign a petition saying you want to put a law up for a vote that would mandate the death penalty for gay people, then anyone can find that out and you would have some 'splaining to do. Or perhaps he is doing it to show how ridiculous the whole concept of voting on civil rights really is. Ballot measures were never intended to be used to strip people of their rights or prevent them from achieving legal equality. I can't fathom how something like this is for real, but if it is-

    I don't know that the lawyer who proposed this is breaking any laws, hate crimes or other. It's free speech. He's working within the framework of the government. Jello Biafra ran for mayor of San Francisco in 1979 and one of his platform points was requiring all businessmen to wear clown suits during their work shifts. I'd vote for that, but I'm a cranky, subversive kind of guy. The lawyer isn't inciting people to go and kill gays (not in a way that can be actionable). He is using the law against itself in a twisted way, and it won't really go anywhere.

    And, since it was mentioned,

    I'm not for gay marriage(long story, not aginst calling it something else just for religious reasons don't want to call it marriage).
    Marriage is a state institution first and foremost. When a member of the clergy says, "By the power vested in me by the State of _______, I pronounce you married." that says it all. The state lends the clergy the power to make marriages official and legally recognized, but it also allows each church to perform weddings based on their own beliefs and that's fine, I have no issue with that. When it comes to legal recognition, though, we can't have two terms that mean the same thing. That's separate but equal and that doesn't work. Basically, your religious beliefs should not determine the legal status of my husband and I, who are not members of your church or subject to its authority and tenets.

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    They should change it a little. It should be Kill Gay bashers. So it a war on hate. J.K. It bad that a lawyer wants this in law.

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    wh wh what lol? I bet this would be something my ex would love but now that he is a she now and has decided she is a a bi mostly lesbian, she would now hate this. Hypocrite much. Back when she was a man, she hated gays and would go on about how she hated their "lifestyle" and how it was a "choice." Then she would say she has no problems with them as people, she just doesn't like their lifestyle and them shoving it in her face. I have been around gays and I have not seen them shove it in anyone's face. Don't like gay pride fairs, don't go to them, it's that simple.

    I see no way this would pass.

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