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Thread: There back!!! Galactic:kids next door

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    Default There back!!! Galactic:kids next door

    From the research I've been doing this might be a hoax as it's supposed to come out on april 1. but man what a promo I want to see this

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    I wonder if they're still gonna use Flip Phones, GameBoy Advance SP's, CRT Televisions, Original XBox's, and Windows XP ?

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    This is making me excited! KND was one of my favorite shows ever.

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    UPDATE:you'll laugh your ass off when you hear numbuh 3

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    This last video definitely cements this as a fan creation. The original one looked kind of plausible as a sleeper release to see if there was viral interest, but considering this had a screenshot of Chrome and Numbuh 3 cursing I can't imagine this being official. Moreover the ending declaration sounded much like a fan request to the creators if this video generated enough popularity to get them to consider doing it.

    Maybe the show's creator is behind these?...

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    The show's creator is actually behind it.

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