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Thread: Mod Large Diaper to Make them Smaller

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    Question Mod Large Diaper to Make them Smaller

    Is there a way to mod larger to diapers to make them fit smaller me better.

    The reason why I ask this is because I was at goodwill the other day and saw tranquility atns briefs and they were xl and my waist is 28 inches. I wanted to get them but I of course knew they would be too big.

    So is there a way or technique to make larger diapers smaller?

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    Not in any way I can think of that does not involve cutting and getting stuffing everywhere

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    What I do with a bigger nappy than I would normally wear is to put on as normal and then fold down the top at the back and then the front. That then gives the rise of the nappy to something that I am more accustomed to.

    This makes the length of the nappy less but won't do anything for the width of the wings, with an extra large and a 28" waist you will undoubtably find that the left tapes would be somewhere near your right thigh and vice versa for the other side, which would mean you would need to tape up top and bottom on one side first before going to the other.

    You should then be able to fold down the excess height.

    Hope this helps.

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    I am sure I would find a way to fit into them. How much? How many? Are they in a store near me? I think I'd just wear them when I was alone and let them stay up high until I was ready to fit them into my plastic pants. I now even roll down the ones I have to fit into my plastic.

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    Sometimes I take an oversize diaper and cut the front leading edge of "dead plastic" off. Some diapers have more of that than others. I try to leave at least 3/4" though so it doesn't open up and spill paddingh out. You can do that on the back end where the tapes are too but you can't cut straight as far in usually because you'd cut off the top tapes. So just cut in a "U" in, down, across, up, and over in the back.

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    roll down to fit into the plastic...

    hey, I do that often for best fit and leakproofing.

    you are discovering all the techniques of good 'wearing', Fascinating!~

    makes you all the more FANTASTIC in plastic.

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    That is easier done with pull-ups. The top is so stretchy and folds down nicely. The tapes on the diaper make it fold down weird. Or maybe just the way it hugs my hips makes it not want to fold down. I usually wrap over the top of my hip bone and then aim down over my lower belly. Then I have to get the plastic over my hips higher than the diaper.

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    You can stuff a towel in it and it'll help fill out some empty space. It's not really suggested to cut anything because it will just leave it no good. I'd suggest not flooding because the leg gatherers aren't fitting to contain anything.

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