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Thread: Do you poop?

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    Default Do you poop?

    Do you usually just pee on your diaper or also poop?
    I must say: I find the poop on my butt a relaxing/ confortable thing. I don't care I have to clean it, it feels so good :3

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    I have to admit I do like a good mess, it feels very good indeed. There are things you can do to make it work better but they rather we do not go into detail here. Fiber is your friend, that much I can say.

    Do be careful, though. It can be nasty on your skin if you are not careful.

    If you want the same general feeling without such a mess then mix up some potato flakes, add in some gelatin, baby oil and baby lotion and add warm water to the consistency you like. Put that in and it feels almost exactly the same but is a whole lot easier to clean up. It won't bother your butt as much ,and if you tune the baby lotion to whatever works best for you it might even add some conditioning in.

    I have gravitated toward this most of the time. The exception is my morning mess, I tend to vary in when I diaper or not depending on the day. I do take a long shower after, tho.

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    I really only pee in my diaper (pullup) but a couple of times I have let myself poop while peeing. Still not certain if I like it or

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    I did like, once as a kid when I got my first 'adult' diapers, and haven't really done it since. It wasn't my cup of tea, and I really hated the cleanup (as opposed to just pee).

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    Yes, I use my diapers for their intended purpose. Messes can be hard to clean up at first, but you develop your own method as you go along.

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    I've messed three times now. All three were times that I had already been diapered for a while, had to poo, had a lot of free time, and just really didn't want to take my diaper off.

    I'd say all three were pleasant for a couple minutes followed by a really unpleasant cleanup and a shower.

    I'll probably do it again at some point, but I think I need several months between each one and just the right moment of feeling particularly little to make myself forget how annoying it is.

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    I poop my diaper when I can. It feels good and makes me feel dependent.

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    I poop in my diaper when ever the opportunity presents itself. I love the feeling as a nice warm poo works its way out and around the seat of my diaper. It gives me a certain satisfaction. I enjoy sitting in a filled messy diaper for as long as practical. Clean up can be challenging some times, but after you have pooped in your diaper enough times it really becomes sort of a non-issue. Enjoy the flow when you go!

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    OK, now that I have seen some more posts and have a better feeling for what is acceptable I can be a bit more open... I really am trying to find that fine line between expressing myself and following the rules. By all means if I ever cross the line please let me know.

    I find that if I condition first with the proper fiber supplements it becomes very nice to have a full diaper. I am fascinated by how strangely good it can feel in every way ranging from the feel on my butt as people have said to the mound in my bottom that it creates. Sitting, standing, walking, lying down, crawling all have their aspects that make it feel good. I am endlessly bemused by my reaction and how good it feels.

    Being very aware of modern psychological thinking I am endlessly fascinated by my feelings and reactions as well as those of the rest of us. This fetish represents something that by all 'normal' measures we should never enjoy yet here we are and all the happier for it! BTW - when I say by all measures we should not enjoy I am not speaking from a moral or judgmental standpoint - I want to be really clear about that. I am simply observing that we are not normal and that normal people have a pretty strong reaction to our behaviors - which I feel reflects more on them than on us, but it does reflect on us to some degree. I am simply very accepting of this and find it fits within all important standards for behavior in a society.

    Anyway, I digress. I have to say I love everything about it except what it can do to the skin of some rather sensitive parts... in fact, I am dry today for that very reason. I had some unplanned events yesterday for which I was ill-prepared and which combined with a string of several days of morning mess managed to irritate my skin such that I have to take a break today.

    I love the feeling of voiding it into my diaper. I love the feeling on my skin from that very first moment onwards. As people have said, it squishes when you walk and it just feels so darn good in every way up to the point at which it irritates your skin.

    This is why I developed my poo substitute for when I want that feeling and either cannot poo or really would rather not deal with it. If anyone is interested in hearing more about how to obtain that nice feeling with so much of the mess then by all means PM me and we can discuss it in private.

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    I do both 1 and 2. I like how little it makes me feel to mess my diaper. Also I find it allot easier to go in positions other than sitting, that you're forced to while on the potty.

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