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Thread: Before putting diaper

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    Default Before putting diaper

    What should I do before I put on my diaper for the night? Clean my ass? Baby powder? Please tell me everything I should know.

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    I have wondered about powdering. I tend to slather A&D ointment on any part I am concerned will 'burn' from irritants in my mess and to keep the skin happy.

    I tend to shower first to be totally clean.

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    Those are all pretty optional. If you are getting up in the morning and showering then not putting on another until bedtime your skin should be fine.

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    What do you want to do? Do that. Most of the time, I just put them on. Sometimes, I prefer to use wipes first and other times I'll also use baby powder, lotion, oil, or all of the above. The central point is that there's no checklist for what you do, it's going to be based on what you find to be pleasurable. No one is grading you on this, it's just for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FTuga197 View Post
    What should I do before I put on my diaper for the night? Clean my ass? Baby powder? Please tell me everything I should know.
    A wipe down or a quick shower might be a good idea. For me, being clean when I tape a fresh diaper on is a great feeling, powder and oil are optional as stated above. I wouldn't use too much powder otherwise you'll have powder mud when wet, possibly negatively effecting performance. Also, too much oil (lots of excess) while using some diaper brands might cause elastics and soft inner backings to come loose (especially Abena fsr). If using tape on diapers don't tape around the legs too tight. If done too tight the diaper might start chafing and could cause a sore around your thigh.

    When disposing of used diapers you might want to start keeping a lot of plastic shopping bags on hand as these are the best option for disposing of dirty diapers more discretely and keeping it from smelling as much(if its a messy diaper, double or triple bag it). Keeping some deodorizer or air freshener(Febreez, Lysol, etc...) might also help. If you live with family, bury the bagged dirty diaper deeper in the trash can or cover it up with some other garbage so no one notices the bag and take out the trash often as possible.

    There's also good help, tips and info on lots of different subjects in the articles section under the forum tab here:

    Hope this helps Ftuga197

    Have fun, Stay poofy ^u^

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    Good advise from above. I always take a shower in the morning since I'm usually diapered at night. After my shower I use J. & J. Baby Lotion and I never have diaper rash. It's worked well for me.

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    I take a hot shower and wash, use baby wipes after to take care of the rest, powder up with some J & J and into my diaper I go each night. It's a good feeling

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    I shower, then put one on with some powder. Then when I get up in the morning, I take a quick shower to clean up. But yeah, do what makes you happy, & keep good hygiene about it.

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    I agree with the above posts. I would only add that if you use any kind of powder, oils or cream, be careful about getting the residue on the diaper tapes. Too much powder, oil or cream on the tapes and they won't stick.

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