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Thread: hi is there any ppl close by and where are meetups are held?

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    Default hi is there any ppl close by and where are meetups are held?

    hiii im new here(well not really but just been inactive) tbh i dont wanna be an adult baby. i want to be an adult kid...hope thats okay and i can stiil stay here.

    do ppl of this community have meets? like at cons or something.I do want to meet ppl in this community/subculture.

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    Well your best bet is this place called they post meetups on there all the time you go to groups and type in abdl and then whatever city your from in order to find other abdl's near you. Its a great site for meet ups and I think the proper name for an adult kid here is called a little as far as cons go I've never heard of any but its possible but for meetups they are normally called munches.

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    It's completely fine if you don't identify as an adult baby. An adult kid is a completely fine thing to be. Like the person above me said I have to agree fetlife is the place I have heard of as the best place to find meetups. There are definitely people of our community of all types meeting up. And you can definitely stay here forever as an adult kid ^.^

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    Yeah friendly people are always welcome here ^_^

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    I know of just one AB/Little convention (it's actually happening this weekend, and it's all sold out) in the entirety of the US (not sure if you live there or not) and it's called CAPcon (Chicago Age Players convention)... they post all their info on FetLife so your best bet is to head over there and check it out.

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    There's also Teddycon, which is held in Pennsylvania. I haven't been, but I know it exists.

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