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Thread: Why is it?

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    Default Why is it?

    That it is always easier to tell someone you love them or what you really think about them when chatting on AIM, email, etc? Rether than in person?

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    because its not as embarrassing and theirs time to backspace what you said =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by jter42 View Post
    because its not as embarrassing and theirs time to backspace what you said =D
    Sounds about right, nice job.

    To elaborate, it's not as embarrasing because you can't see each other. Body language isn't an issue; neither is fear of rejection through such body language.

    It also dehumanizes the situation a little, making it easier to get through.

    And it gives a feeling of helplessness, I've found. Meaning: Talking, you have to force yourself to say each word. Online, you only have to force yourself to hit 'enter', and then it's out there forever.

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    You also have time to think about it before you say it on the internet, in person the offending party will usually force you to say something before you can make sure you aren't saying something idiotic.

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    This boy at my school loves me, and he told me so in a letter he sent to me. Then he tried to tell me in person, and it took him about 10 minutes to spit it out.

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    I guess what everyone's said so far. I know that the first person I came out to was one of my best friends, and that was over AIM. Even then though, it was really hard to do...

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    My older brother hates talking online as much as I hate talking on the phone. Some people just like one method over the other.

    Naturally he (my older brother) is very social.
    Me on the other hand I get nervous around others.

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    The other thing that no one has mentioned is that you have time to think about what you want to say without having to say everything on the spot. You can say a bit, hear a response, and then THINK about what you want to say next. It's like writing a letter or an don't have to respond immediately like you do in person or even over the phone.

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