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Thread: Pee laying down

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    Default Pee laying down

    I'm a 18yo Portuguese who loves diapers. I feel very comfortable wearing it.
    I also like to pee on a diaper, but I try to do it lying down on my bed. The problem is, even if I have a full bladder, the pee doesn't come out.
    Is there any way to pee lying down on my bed but easier?

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    Peeing laying down isn't easy... Laying on your back is easier ... Laying on your stomach is so hard. I like to do it both ways but maybe it requires practice.

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    Hello FTuga197,
    Welcome to ADISC. You will find lots of great people from around the world here. I must add that I am a big fan of your country, having visited several times.

    I think the challenge of peeing while laying down is mostly due to the training you have had for the last 15-16 (??) years of your life. Your body is trained to not release when you are laying down (in bed etc.). Now you are suddenly asking your body to do just that. It will take some time, and some practice to allow it to happen without big difficulties.

    My best advice is to relax. Try to tell yourself that it is natural, and nothing bad can happen. Maybe try laying on the floor in the bathroom, or even laying in an empty bathtub the first times. Then if the diaper leaks, it really doesn't matter. This removes any need to worry about letting it go.

    As soon as your mind feels comfortable with it, you will have no problem peeing laying down.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Thank you!
    I just pooped and peeied at the same time. Never felt so good in years!

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    I wet my diaper lying down when I woke up this morning. It was great. I think it is so easy for me because I always keep a vinyl/Polyester waterproof pad on my bed.

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    Even though I now have the total freedom to let my inner femininity fully come out which of course includes my passion for diaper wearing and wetting, I still after a year have difficulties in wetting while laying down in my bed. I realize it is all because of conditioning that we are not to wet the bed or wet just in general. I now have gotten to the point of not having to make any effort to wet my diapers while out and about dealing with my daily chores and goodies, but bedtime is still another story.

    Yes, I have a very nice changing pad to lay over my bedding before crawling in for the night, and yes I wear not only a pullup ladies diaper with a soft and thick pad but also another "plain jane" generic pullup over that as well. It is such a heavenly feeling to snuggle up for the night dressed like but do you think it helps me totally relax when I begin the feel the need to wet?

    Nope, not at all even though I fully know well that there really is a very, very slim chance that I will actually wet the bedding itself. I refuse to force the issue as that just defeats the purpose of wetting enjoyment in the first place. But things are improving, things are now nicely working out so that I can enjoy a wonderful wetting while under my covers.

    The key points is not to lay on your tummy, but lay on your back in a slight reclining position and just breath slowly and deeply to relax yourself. And as soon as you feel those lovely "I need to pee tingles", relax even more and don't push that need. Just let it flow.

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    This is a nostalgic topic. It's the first thing I asked about when I joined ADISC. Glad it's working out for you. It took me forever to even be able to pee on my back.

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    When I was a teenager I wanted this so bad. Now 20 years later and I finally got brave enough to live my dream. The last 11 months have been heavenly. I haven't regretted it for a minute. I'm just glad I enjoy it laying down as much as I did when I started because it sure beats going downstairs to the ladies room every time.

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    It was hard to me first, but I've gotten used to it. As long as you have a good diaper that you know won't leak.

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    You have to kind of force it out for a little while,but not so much you hurt yourself, just use some pressure, then as time goes by it will get easier until you can go lying down as easy as using the toilet.That's how it is for me now and I don't have to get up at night or in the morning to pee, I can just lay there.

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