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Thread: How do people react when you tell them/they discover you are ABDL?

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    Default How do people react when you tell them/they discover you are ABDL?

    I'm trying to picture how my friends/family would react if they knew, and I honestly can't say. I'm therefore interested in other people's stories, be they positive or negative.

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    Everybody is different and so obviously will have different views and opinions. Many would probably advise that in general, we not disclose this aspect of ourselves without need and this however can be tricky advice. For some, such as myself, there is indeed a need to share with a close friend or two, simply for the mental satisfaction of not having to feel like you're hiding a part of who you are.

    I liken the need to tell as coming out as gay...if you feel strongly enough about this part of your identity then by all means tell who you must.

    Of course...always be prepared for the negative reaction. Unfortunately, when actually faced with a person being told their friend enjoys wearing diapers, you never can accuarately gauge how a person will actually react. You generally have to decide for yourself, based on how well you know a person, how you think they will act and go based on that.

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    no one ive told has had a bad reaction to my face atleast but I learned it can be too early to tell someone your interested in tho lol that just puts you in the friend zone now im there diaper wearing friend they laugh at with there friends im sure

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    I've never exactly "told" anybody. "Admitted" is probably the right word. My wife found my diapers a few years back, and so I had to admit to liking them. It went ok. She was, I suppose, rightfully annoyed that I'd kept it a secret for as long as I had--nearly 13 years--but got over that pretty quickly. She's shown no interest, though. In the end, it all evolved into a sort of "don't ask, don't tell" policy, with my continuing to indulge in private. We did come to a (very reasonably) understanding that the kids were to remain in the dark about it all, and I've kept my diapers as well-hidden as possible.

    Other than that, no. Not even my best friend, who's known me since I was seven years old, knows about my diapers. (And I was wearing even then.) In recent years, we've had a few conversations where we've exchanged weaknesses, life challenges, etc., and in hindsight I've often wondered whether these were missed opportunities to demonstrate faith in our friendship by sharing a real vulnerability. But I always conclude that, in fact, the time was not exactly right. Diapers are really an element of my sexuality, and sexuality isn't a topic for casual conversation. Not in my opinion, anyway. I'll wait for the other person to cross that line, then I'll say my part to break the tension.

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    I never told anybody but I had an old roommate who found out I was an AB/DL and he was cool with it and he wore them too but not that often. He didn't mind me acting AB/DL around him but I didn't do it too often.
    I know other people who dislike and voiced their opinions against it. I was able to play it off after a joke after I slipped up a little bit. But as far as I know they do not know. I think they would have a negative reaction if they found out I wore diapers.
    My parents have questioned me about it before but I was able to play it off. I know they will not like it cause they gave me a talk about how it was wrong and all that.

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    It usually ends up being a conversation about misunderstanding what being a diaper lover is... My mom never got upset. She just had a hard time understanding what a diaper lover is. I never told my dad ... Only my mom and sister ... They accepted me and it doesn't change anything. My life exes never understood... Ever. I'm glad I told my family.

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    Well, I know my friends and family well enough to know it wouldn't go over to smoothly. I perish the thought of any of them finding out I sleep with plushies let-alone everything else. -_-

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    My mom found out and was not cool with it in the slightest but after I moved out I told her I am who I am and no amount of complaining about it is going to change that fact I will wear whatever I want and do what I want since I'm an adult.

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    The only people I have ever told were also in the ABDL community, so they naturally reacted positively. My family doesn't know and neither do any of my non-ABDL friends.

    I know my family well enough to know that them finding out would result in them being weirded out, incredibly confused, and then pretending that it doesn't exist. Same thing with the vast majority of my friends after being the butt of all jokes for months on end.

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    Let's see. Parents were weirded out, upset, and then pretended it didn't exist.

    Random Internet friends have been positive and supportive. Even a couple outside the ABDL community. One IRL friend is comfortable with me wearing but not using when she visits my apartment. We don't really talk about it, but it's nice to relax when we're together.

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