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Thread: I now understand the value of a premium luxury diaper!

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    Default I now understand the value of a premium luxury diaper!

    OMG! I had no idea how much of a difference a true premium luxury diaper can make! I like to boost diapers by cutting a slit in the barrier and adding more SAP/Fluff so I can keep a diaper on for much longer and enjoy the feeling of the soaked absorbent material once it gets nice and squishy.

    I am wearing a heavily boosted Abena Abri-Form with the addition of SAP/Fluff under the barrier. I like these heavily boosted diapers for very long soak sessions; I work at home so I can enjoy many hours in a diaper so comfort is a very important factor.

    The difference between this and my old method of using Depends is simply amazing. Much more comfortable, far better performance and in every way superior. Since I do this in general for special occasions I am not overly concerned at the cost... although I have to say now that I am living alone again and can choose to do this any day I want I may end up using more than I would in the past. I am loving this one so much I will probably go this way far more often when I have time.

    I also like to heavily boost a diaper and then go for a very long drive through the mountains. These Abena's will work for that much better than my old Depends did as they will work sitting down far better. That was always a concern when driving, and these should help immensely!

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    Well, someones happy. :P

    Don't worry, I too felt the same way when I first tried Abena. Few things I don't like about them though.

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