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Thread: Has anyone had a sleepover for ABDL'S?

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    Default Has anyone had a sleepover for ABDL'S?

    I have always wanted to have one that would be soooo much fun has anybody ever had an abdl sleepover or party?

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    It would be fun, but also if you don't know the people I think it would be a little nerve racking for me. I did however actually have sleep overs with 2 local AB/DLs but it was just me and the other AB/DL. So I guess I have had AB/DL sleepovers, but not with a bunch of them. I have heard there was one in my area a while back but I missed it.

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    I haven't hosted one, but I've been to one. As Paddedwolf notes, having a sleepover for people you don't know is pretty difficult. The one I went to was actually held at a kink-friendly cafe, which the group rented for the night and charged everyone a little bit to attend. They had a rep from the business who spent the night there with us. I think both the admission fee and the fact that there was a person from a business as a chaperon did a lot to ease fears of spending the night with people I'd only met once or twice before, or was even meeting there for the first time.

    I really wouldn't want to have people over to my apartment unless I knew them well, though. There's a lot of opportunity for problems if you give out your address. I also wouldn't necessarily trust someone inviting me over to their apartment unless I knew the person well, too. Otherwise it's kind of creepy. I think the ABDL community is full of wonderful people, but it only takes one bad one at an isolated location for someone to get hurt.

    As far as the actual event, it was pretty fun. The sleepover is one of the only times I've hung out diapered around a whole group of people, most of whom were also diapered (a few weren't, as they were older littles). We played hide and seek with the lights off, did some dancing, played some card games and just hung around talking. Plus the cafe made us all breakfast the next morning as part of the event. I was a bit sore afterwards though, from sleeping on just a mat. I think an organized event at a safe location like that is great, and organizing your own event for people you know well and trust would be fun too.

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    How would i come across these events like that i would love to know

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    Between cons and people visiting, it seems sort of commonplace now. I wasn't looking for it but it happened and it turned out to be pretty neat.

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    I now have a local abdl friend i sleep over with and be cubby. I now got to point of being changed, feels good this. Blushes now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbradshaw90 View Post
    How would i come across these events like that i would love to know
    Fetlife has a lot of them. It also helps if you go to local munches and get to know people. They'll in turn let you know about upcoming events.

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    I wonder if there are munches in California?

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    I've never had one with anyone who truly identified as AB/DL, but I did spend a few weeks and a lot of nights with a friend I'd made online (on an unrelated website) who indulged in AB/DL activities with me. Nearly every night we'd play with my toys together, make forts out of my bunk bed, and she even tried wearing one of my diapers. She was fascinated by the whole thing in general, so it was a lot of fun! I know it's not exactly an official sleep over for that purpose, but it was the closest I had to it.

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