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Thread: My mom found my diapers

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    Default My mom found my diapers

    1 week ago i bought diaper Tena Slip, but, as i had no places to hide, i had to leave the diapers in my backpack, 2 days ago, my mom opened my backpack to check my notebook. And she said "What is that?", and she comes off the room carrying the diaper bag, i froze with fear and i almost could not explain, we discussed about that, and to start, she said to me get rid of the diaper bag, but, when i explained, she thinked better, she let me keep the diapers, but, my dad don't knows and my mom will keep that in secret. Now, i can wear diapers without the worry of get caught by my mom.

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    Oh wow. I am so glad she accepted it. I never was caught by parents but when my brother found out he teased me a lot. My mom accepts me now.

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    I was caught by my sister, but I decided to just tell my mom before she found out. She was confused about it obviously, but she still accepts that it's apart of me. I don't take advantage of this and I still keep my diapers out of site for the most part. Unless I forget them in the dryer or something and my mom takes them out and sets them on top of the dryer. (I wear mostly cloth). My sister was the first person I told about back in middle school and we both found out recently that her current boyfriend tried it for a year or so.

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    I was caught by my brother but he doesn't really care about but he does think it is weird.
    My parents are totally against it and I found that out after they saw what I was doing and I was confronted about it.

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