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Thread: Depends Real fit vs Tena Men's Underwear

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    Default Depends Real fit vs Tena Men's Underwear

    Just wondering which is a better ( and more adsorbent) product, Depends real fit or Tena Underwear for men. Both products are designed to appear more like traditional underwear but if any one has tried them both which is the better product?

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    I have tried both. I liked the Tenas better. The Depends seemed to get hard in front as it filled up. Not very comfortable.

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    I used Real fit for Men they were ok for small surges or light slow floods but leaked when there was a slightly larger flood, I switched to Abena level 2 air plus taped diapers (never thought I would have to wear them) and they have been way better then the real fits. I miss the ease of a pull up and the look of normal underwear but have come to except wearing a real diaper and the feeling of trust that the diaper will do it's job and not leek.

    If you are having full floods then I would recommend a premium diaper over a pull up But if it's just small dribbles do small surges and you change after a surge real fits will probably be a good choice. I wore them for 2 months with no issues until my OAB got a bit more aggressive and started to really flood.

    I would recommend trying at home some samples of Abena airs in level 2 or 4 to get the proper size and then Order one bag to keep on hand incase your surges get larger and have to switch to a better diaper. This way you will be ready if and when you need to switch.

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    As Rob said, the look and feel of the Real Fit underwear is good--the best on the market. They're form-fitting, don't sag, and look for most like regular underwear. But it's also true that they're not designed for floods or high capacity. That's just not what they're for. The Tena are better for that. But the cost is that they don't fit as well and are a bit more conspicuous under clothing, especially up front. So, between these two options, if you want the one that looks more like underwear, Depend wins. If you want greater absorption, go with the Tena.


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    How high in front does the padding of the Tena pull up go? I love the real fit for home with they wear during the day but as with any pull on adult diaper they are not meant for flooding.

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    The padding in the Tenas doesn't go up any higher than in the Real Fits, as I recall. But, as I said, they do hold a fair amount more overall. It's true that they're really not for flooding, but if you dribble or release small amounts throughout the day, they'll last a long time. They'll make you look like you have a serious growth in the front of your pants, but they'll hold it.


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    I prefer the Depends. I work out in the gym and run in them. They mediums fit me well, but again I only use them for brief periods when I need more movement/discreetness. Most of the medium pull-ups I have tried are too baggy on me.

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    I really really like the depends real fit ..on my 4th case of them since they came out, pretty good deal at target online ,, not the most discreet delivery but you would have to look at the box pretty hard to see what they were.

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