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Thread: AB Universe samples

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    Default AB Universe samples

    So I got my samples today...

    Haven't put them on yet, here are the cheers and jeers of first glance.

    Cheers: They are cute, look like Pampers from the late 80's to mid 90's...nice babyish print for tape landing area. I'm a DL so this doesn't mean much to me, but it is cute and I think any AB would like it.

    Cheers: Very descreet shipping...plain brown box, nothing on the lable that would even give any kind of clue.

    Jeers: They are not at all "Thick" they most closly resemble a standard Attends brief in regards to thickness (not the old style Attends).

    Cheers: They have a quilted lining, which absolutely brings back memorys of Old School Pampers :-).

    I'm going to try one on either tonight or tomorrow night, so more info will follow.

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    wait......are those the overnight ones? with the dinosaur print?

    I know there is another product coming but there are no pics on the website

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    I got one of the overnights (yes, the dinosaur print) and 2 of the "super dry kids" The overnight appears to be perhaps just a hair thicker with a slightly textured plastic backing. More news to follow after they have been put to the test ;-)


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    not to completely destroy your review...but I heard from multiple sources that they suck compared to bambino

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    No worries...I've tried Bambinos, and I can tell you just by looking at the AB Universe ones...Bambinos are thicker...but the AB Universe prints are more realistic.


    Ok, I'm wearing one now (the Super Dry Kids, not the overnight one)...first impression, very good crinkle :-) It's much closer to the plastic texture of Old School Pampers than Bambinos are...which is good. While it is comfortable, on the down side, in order to match Bambinos, it would need to be twice as thick. It's a large, and I have a 40 inch waist, it could be just a bit bigger (or...yes, I could lose some weight of course). If you've got a bigger waist than me...forget it. I don't know if they make an XL, but they should consider it. The next test will be how it holds up to soakings. I'm betting on 2 at most before it reaches the danger of leaking...I'll let you all know in the morning ;-)

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    Good Morning :-)

    Well I slept comfortably in the AB Uninverse "Sleep Dry Kids" diaper. I'm not a bedwetter so I woke up dry. I didn't wake up to wet it during the night, but did wet it when I woke up. These will hold 1 good soaking, a second soak may produce leaks.

    If you put a booster in them I'd estimate that you can wet it about 3 to 4 times without leaking. By comparison, Bambinos can be soaked 3 to 4 times on average (without a booster) before they are at risk of leaking. The tapes on the Sleep Dry Kids held perfectly all night, while they look small and flimsy, they are strong.

    Overall analysys:

    Sleep Dry Kids from AB Universe look like an Old School Pampers diaper circa 1989 to 1996. For the effort on appearance I give the AB Universe Sleep Dry Kids diaper an "A+".

    Comfort & sizing, Sleep Dry Kids diapers are soft, but only about as thick as a store bought "Depends" fitted brief. The "Large" size claims to fit 36 to 52 Inch waists, as mentioned I have a 40 inch waist, they fit, but the backside flaps could be about 2 to 3 inches longer, i.e. they should make an XL size. For thickness and sizing I give the AB Universe Sleep Dry Kids diaper an "C-". (Probably should give it a "D", but I think their intention is to make a good product so they get a "C-" which means "Needs Improvement")

    Are these diapers fun? Yes. Did they make me feel happy? Yes. If you are looking for a super thick diaper that looks like the Pampers of your youth...this is not it, try Bambinos. If you are just looking for a diaper that looks like the Pampers of your youth...this is the one.

    Now..if you are looking for a really thick diaper that can be worn all night and soaked beyond belief... I recommend Abena Abri-Form X-Plus with an Abena Abri-Let Maxi Booster pad (you won't be sorry...this really feels as thick as the Old School Pampers were). The first AB/DL diaper company to make one as thick as that will win the "Best AB/DL diaper Award" I will make this award...and I will call it the "Didee" how about the "Pampy!" Let it be known that the first company to produce the most realistic Old School Baby Diaper, complete with thickness, and even old school pampers fresh diaper scent...will be awarded a "Pampy" Lets hear your thoughts...what features would you like to see in an AB/DL diaper design?

    Tomorrow night I'll try the AB Universe "Extra Thick Overnight" diaper. I'll be sure to give a full review of those as well.


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    Ok so I didn't try the overnights last night. Instead I tried the "Generic Rectangle" which comes as part of the ABU Sample pack. If you're a real throw back to the late 70's and early 80's, this is something you must try purely for the fun of it. It truly is a giant baby diaper for adults.

    The only real problem with the "Generic Rectangle" is that you need approximately no bigger than a 36 inch waist to wear it. It is exactly like the original Pampers (before the hourglass shape and elastic leg bands) It has 1 tape on each side, and they are not "refastenable" so you must get it right the first time. They are pure white, no wetness indicator or anything.

    Now...these are not'll get one wetting out of it, and due to the lack of elastic leg bands, you run the risk of leaking big time! So be careful. If you were a kid of the mid 70's to mid 80's this thing is like putting on a time machine it will really take you back

    I put a regular Attends on over it to keep it in place because I have a 40" waist. It was fun I slept well and had pleasant dreams. I would love to find some of these that are just a bit bigger!

    I'm going to try out the Overnight soon! I'll post a review as soon as I can. Thanks to those who have provided feedback!

    On another note, I realize I probably should have posted this thread in the "Diaper talk" forum. If anyone knows if there is a way to move a thread, your assistance would be much appreciated.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Angusmac View Post
    On another note, I realize I probably should have posted this thread in the "Diaper talk" forum. If anyone knows if there is a way to move a thread, your assistance would be much appreciated.
    I've moved it for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    I've moved it for you
    Thanks! you're a Peach!


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    Tonight I will wear the ABU Overnight diaper. Full report in the morning...and most likely a full diaper too


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