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Thread: Whats your interface color on here?

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    Default Whats your interface color on here?

    I don't see this posted anywhere else and yet I am sure it probably has been at some point.

    Anyways, was just wondering what everyone else has there interface color scheme on here set to? Mine is set on Simply Pink but to be honest I am not sure why I choose that. I guess it just calms me down.

    - JJ

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    I'm a fan of the default blue. At the time I joined ADISC, my wife was in the dark about my diaper habit, and I liked the fact that the blue theme looked like any old forum. And then it sort of grew on me. Plus, the other themes aren't all there. Switch away from the default blue and you'll immediately be running into text colors and image backgrounds that were clearly selected with the blue theme in mind. Visually, many things are subtly broken.

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    default blue. The pink is too obnoxious and the black makes me feel like I'm back in the late 1990s too much.

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    Default blue - I'm not fond of hot pink / magenta / whatever it is. Black hurts my eyes and is too dark for my tastes anyways.

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