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Thread: ABSOLUTELY MOST HORRIBLE changing experience

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    Default ABSOLUTELY MOST HORRIBLE changing experience

    Two weeks ago I had spent the day with a friend in a. town only about 40 miles from my own. I was diapered but not using, to avoid changing and blowing my cover with them. It wasn't until about an hour or so before I left that I began wetting...planning on changing at the rest area I'd be passing on the way home.

    Fast forward. It's about 12:30am when I stop. I see a youngish guy coming out. So I figure the coast is clear and go in, claim the last stall and proceed changing. I was the only one in there.

    The door opens. A guy comes in and is moving real slowly, lingering in front of the sink. Next thing I know...HE IS PEAKING IN THROUGH THE CRACKS OF THE STALL DOOR! We made eye contact, it wasnt the guy I saw a moment ago. I was like "OMFG" and kind of moved aside. He then moved across the door and was peering in the other crack. I was terrified. Like seriously in fear. I was between diapers so I just pulled my pants up and froze. I could see his feet still standing there. At one point the door of the stall gently moved, I think he attempted to see if it was locked. This went on for a few minutes, him trying to see and lingering. He even went into the next stall and faced me, I could tell by his feet pointing into my stall.

    I can't physically fight and had no weapons except for my car key which I had sticking out of my knuckle in the event. I didn't know what this guy wanted, if he had a gun or knife, if he was all f****d up on something...I just didn't know and thats why I just froze. I envisioned myself kicking the stall door at him and bolting, leaving all my supplies in there and fleeing.

    He ended up leaving. I waited after I heard the door for like 5min and then flew to my car without a diaper.

    Needless to say,

    Scariest. Change. Ever.

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    That must have been terrifying BenzyD, I'm glad for you, that your okay, because if I was in your shoes I would have done the same thing.

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    Glad you are ok, there are some strange people out there and that was a scary change. I wonder if he was meeting up with the guy that left as you arrived.

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    Holy jeeze...that sounds like the beginning of some kind of horror movie!

    Glad you made it out okay..makes me think about rest areas, sheesh..

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    People are strange when you're a stranger

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    I dont stop at rest areas for that reason but when i do stop i have a 9mm with me at all times but that dont mean they can kill me first but i still have it for my protection

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    what kind of neighborhoods to you folks live in good grief.... scary

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    Nothing like a run-in with a nutzo to make you feel thankful to be alive... I've been there. Glad you're OK, BenzyD.

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    I worked with a guy who told me he was driving home late at night on an interstate, and he stopped at the roadside bathroom. While he was peeing into the urinal, some guy came up behind him, grabbed his cock and masturbated him. This guy was guy, but he was still scared since it was an insane, crazy thing to do. The stranger left and then he ran out of there. This is why I almost never use public bathrooms. I hate them.

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