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Thread: Has Bambino changed their tapes?

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    Default Has Bambino changed their tapes?

    I could be completely wrong, but I just got a new case of the Bellissimos and the tapes look wider than the last case I had. They also seem to be smoother when initially unfolding them and sticking them. If they did change them, then it was definitely for the better, since I'm having no problems with them at all.

    If anyone has an older Bambino to compare, I have measured these tapes to each be 1.7 inches wide. Has anyone else recently gotten some and noticed anything different?

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    Ive just got in my first case of bambinos so i cant really say sorry

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    They must have changed something because the tapes are working better, and they're just fitting better in general

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    I have noticed the same thing on the Secure X-Plus. The tapes are very much improved!!!

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    They totally have changed. The tapes are indeed bigger, comparing them to the one from the last case I had.

    And, honestly the fit seems different in a good way, specifically how they fit across your butt, to be brutally honest. I put one on the same way as I always do, and yet the fit was somehow noticeably different.

    This may be terribly wrong, but it feels to me like they changed something with the backside of the diaper. Or at least on the teddies.

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    Some time ago I heard rumors, that Bambinos are now using the same production line as Comficares. That was stated, if I remember correctly, half-officially by some staffmembers of Thrust Vector during a discussion with the Buntewindel guys (they really hate each other ). However, I can't find the thread right now. I don't quite believe that, but on the other hand, it's all chinaware and therefore almost impossible to find out who is doing what for whom when. I even heard, that downspec'd versions of Fabines and Comficares are sold as regular diapers in China.

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    Well they certainly are changing some things, namely the prices, at least for teddies, are higher. I understand that they say it is because of demand, but typically these diaper suppliers just say they are out of stock.

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