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    Hi Folks,

    I have been watching some videos and one thing I noticed is that we ABDLs tend to fondle our diapers in very common ways. I know I do it all the time, and I see many do so in the videos.

    I also noticed the blissful expression on one girl as she wet herself and I immediately recognized it as what I probably look like at times when I am wetting.

    I know for me that the feeling of wetting my diaper is second only to sex, and that fondling my diaper is very enjoyable indeed. While it is not surprising to see this in others, it is something that gives me a feeling of not being alone which is quite nice.

    It just seems to be one more aspect of the experience and for me it certainly adds to my enjoyment!

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    I remember when I was young my mother ran a daycare, so babies and toddlers running around in diapers was a common sight and I always wondered what it would be like to wear one. I always thought that they looked like padded underwear that you could go to the bathroom in, to me that seemed amazing.

    when I was older my curiosity around diapers dident fade at all, so i knew I had to try them. What I wasent prepared for was how amazing wetting a diaper felt, I never would have guessed that a wet diaper felt better than a dry one lol, I agree with you that wetting a diaper is nearly as good as sex lol. Its funny when im not in diapers I tend to get dehydrated because its annoying to have to rush to the bathroom, when I am diapered im insanely well hydrated lol

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    Ahhh... hydration. Yes. I agree. When I am not wearing I tend toward dehydration more. When wearing, now that is a very different story. My collection of teas has grown considerably in the last few weeks.

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    I too have noticed that ABDL's fondle/caress their diapers in very similar ways. Until I noticed that, I had figured I was the only one that did that....LOL. Wearing diapers, pullups in my case, is very sexual in nature for me and as such I find it so pleasurable to caress/fondle my diaper. Especially so when I am wetting and after I have wetted. It becomes highly pleasing for me during those moments. I may be the oddball of the lot but I place a much higher degree of sexual pleasure with diapers and wetting than in any form of sexual play.

    Hydration! Quite amusing that not once have I ever given any meaningful thought to that word when it comes to my diaper and wetting pleasures. But of course, without proper and liberal hydration then that pleasure is lacking in its joy

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    When my wife rubs my padded butt I feel as though it's an act of both affection and acceptance and to me it feels great. It feels a lot better when she does than if I do it myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffedBaby View Post
    When my wife rubs my padded butt I feel as though it's an act of both affection and acceptance and to me it feels great. It feels a lot better when she does than if I do it myself.
    Wow, I know exactly how you feel BuffedBaby! After starting to wearing my pads and pull-ups every night when my wife and I snuggle in bed the first thing she would do is reach for my bottom and give it a rub or gentle squeeze. I'm not sure if it was to make sure if the bed was protected that night or just out of affection and acceptance but it is a wonderful feeling! Since she fully supports my wearing protection (especially at night) I believe it's due to the latter. Nonetheless it's still a great feeling when I do it too, especially if things are a bit wet and squishy!

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