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Thread: Off the wall pricing on Ebay

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    Default Off the wall pricing on Ebay

    Was doing a bit of browsing this morning on Ebay and came across these gems. Anyone interested? lol:

    Vintage Attends Large - Ebay

    Vintage Attends Medium - Ebay

    I get that they are rare, but holy hopping horses! Just a tad too rich for my budget o.O Who knew that selling diapers would reel in that much cash.

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    I suspect this seller is in it for the long haul.

    Or has collecting adult diapers become a thing? I guess I never noticed. Seems like the baby kind get all the attention.

    In any case: $1k for a bag of diapers is certainly one of the highest prices per bag that I've seen, adult or baby. On the baby side, quite a few sellers seem to have appeared out of nowhere in the past year, asking >$600-700 straight off. What cracks me up a bit is when I see some obvious noob post a bag or box of premature infant diapers for $500-ish dollars and put "ABDL" in the title. 'Cause you know, that's short for "diaper collector".

    I recently bought a bag of late 90's Pampers Baby Dry for $150. That's as high as I was willing to go, and that was a one-time thing. And despite being sealed, the padding in the diapers had become almost brittle and wouldn't soften easily. So! Never again.

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