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    Default I am freaking out!

    Good morning (UK) time, I'm am freaking out to the point where I think a post like this is really appropriate for the mature and serious threads section (also I know I not started a thread for a while but I'm sure as heck starting one now!).

    I have just - for the first time in my adult life - woken up wet without wanting to! Now last night my head hit the pillow at quarter to three and this morning I woke up at quarter to eight feeling like I needed to go and urinate (at that point I was still under the impression my body would always wake me for that kind of thing) but to my (genuine and absolute - even taking into consideration what I am (DLAB)) horror I discovered I'd already gone while asleep - quite literally with no idea at all whatsoever!

    I can give you all the necessary background on this. Recently - because my life's been a bit hectic - I've been going to bed at an average time of about half past three in the morning (UK time - duh) and before going to sleep at sed time I've urinated into the toilet, everytime that late wetting has happened the amount's not been that much anyway but this is the info. So - what can I draw from this? Am I already in such a routine that 45 mins of sleep beforehand aren't going to wake me up?! I didn't think I was such a deep-sleeper and I've always been under the impression that if I was going to pee myself I'd wake myself up in time but...of course this has happened.

    It's not been like a late morning wet and I've woken up just afterwards (and here we're talking about urination arriving half an hour earlier than normal but wakage not occurring - and I know that can happen), but judging by the temperature of the urine we are talking the middle of my nite (as a reminder - head went to pillow at quarter to three - nasty surprisal awakening was at quarter to eight), if that's hard to understand I awoke damp but not in discomfort (Tena Slip Maxi's - suddenly too good to make me realise my slip-up perhaps!). When I woke up at quarter at eight I also went to urinate and did and it was a small amount but I just don't understand how I wet while asleep! More important evidence and etc. I had not drunk anything before bed and we're talking along the lines of a three hour non-drinking window here...but the amount of urine in the nappy wasn't small - about half a bladder if you ask me (trust me - with control I've been wetting nappies for years and I know about amounts in genral and my amounts!), so where does half a bladder of water waste come from if you not drunk anything!?

    One doesn't like to think about it but it might be some kind of discharge due to a health problem but I don't feel anything like that...and wether you like it or not - while we're on the subject of discharge's - this wasn't anything sexual. Yes I do havve to hold my hands in the air and admit that previously in the evning I had been surfacing DLAB related porn and I don't remember my dreams but the way I see it this was just simply not a sexual release. This may not surprise you at all if you kind of know me from past posts and threads but I'm not a very sexual person - however in context to this problem (and taking into consideration what I know about my sexual side) I will say rite now that (for me) there was too much liquid in the nappy to be from a sexual release of mine...well that sed some DLAB sex related dream may hav trigged a urine wetting because I am DLAB but I wouldn't want that! So what do I do? Chalk this up as a one-off because: I was really tired, the porn didn't help etc. etc. this is kinda why I'm asking youn (the adisc collective) if this happened to you what did you do?

    Like I sed for me DLAB isn't sexual but I still wake up 90% of the time with my 'equipment' (as it were) not pointing downwards - I don't want this lifestyle of mine to be sexual and of course it being sexual has it's issues! I mean on the positive hand I was wearing a nappy so its a wake-up-in-a-dry-bed scenario and in no way shape or form am I going to get a bollicking from the parents but there are issues...if this happens again or i'm becoming a control-free wetter I woodn't want it to happen one time when my equipment wasn't pointing down - in that respect I think I've been pretty lucky this time - all things considering!

    I am definetly not welcoming this! I do not want to lose control! I like all this nappy shenannygins as an obsession/lifestyle and I don't want nappies to become a necessity - heck my financial situ' ain't to good at the mo' so I don't want to increase my usage because of...well what I've just bn talking abt! Please tel me yor thorts regarding this coz I am worried! Is it really possible to lose yor continence in the space of one night!? bringmesunshine

    p.s I wil of course update you all if ths hppns agen.

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    Your surprise is understandable, but if you wear enough, your subconscious becomes aware of the diaper factor. I wouldn't panic unless it starts happening when you're not in a diaper.

    The lack of sleep may be a factor as well. As tired as you are, you could have woken up, intentionally wet your diaper, then fallen asleep again without remembering.

    Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. I'm just saying that if it happened to me (and it has a couple of times), I wouldn't be worried.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxx View Post
    nor do I play one on TV.
    Ha Ha bms p.s and good comforting advice so...thanks!

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    You might consider this a sign to take a break for a few days. See how things are, don't panic.

    Make sure you're not intentionally messing with your bathroom habits while diapered either. Pee right before you go to bed regardless of the time.

    If it happens without a diaper, becomes a repeat thing, or if you experience any pain while peeing, you might put in a call to the doctor.

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    Just like maxx said it could've been because you were wearing a diaper or you woke up and don't remember. Seriously, waking up because of the alarm, shutting it and fall asleep again only to wake up and not remember it, has happened to me a few times so I know it's a possibility.

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    I have woken up wet but never when I was not wearing a diaper. I think I woke up but sometimes the next morning I am not sure. The other night I wore a cloth without plastic pants to see if I could trick myself. It did not work. I did not wet it until I was halfway down the stairs. So luckily it was thick and did not leak before I got to the bathroom.

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    Maybe a few day break would so some kind of trick, it's not like your bladder is severely being damaged by doing this, more of a sub conscience kind of thing.

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    Default I am freaking out!

    I would absolutely chalk it up as a one time deal. I had something very similar to this happen once before, despite having like a mind blowingly stubborn iron-stomach/bladder and absolutely no history of bedwetting at all. I just assumed it had to do specifically with having a diaper on, because I haven't noticed it become an issue ever since.

    Chances are it's just a minor subconscious thing, a small road bump that's not really indicative of some larger problem, because it actually seemed to be somewhat common among Abdl's.

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