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Thread: I'm a lurker

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    Smile I'm a lurker

    I'm a lurker. Because of that - it seems - I have limited access to the site. If I introduce myself in the greetings/introductions forum (I do hope this is it), I might "regain access".. "regain" ? When did I loose it ? What can I do ? I'm still nobody. The nickname is something you call your dog in Central Europe.. not very flattering.
    So what am I doing here ? Well I stumbled over the book 9 perversion by Jane Doeller. There's suppoed to be a story about someone wanting to be regressed into babyhood. That's how I got here. It's all very complicated here or what ? I looked for the newsletter story and ran into the lurker-wall.
    Is this a pay-site ?
    All the best

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    First off: Hello.

    Secondly: There are plenty of stories here. Anything specific you might have? A name, perhaps?

    Thirdly: This isn't a pay-site. (Unless I don't know what that means, which will result in me getting stoned to death.)

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    Welcome to the community. A few more minutes and you'll see the wall disappear. Then you'll get an idea what else is around. (You have a couple of extra steps to get over before you see it all.)

    Just start looking around and see what else is interesting, and join in the conversations.

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    Thanks for your warm wellcome. Unfortunately I have to write 4 letters and walk the dog. But I shall most certainly return and see the maze dissolve....

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    See? now you've graduated from Lurker to Newbie, and soon will go farther.

    Technically we're not a paysite as in Money Changing Hands. Our currency is participation, as in make conversations with other members by posting. You can even start your own topics, just as you started this one.

    So, welcome welcome welcome.

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    If you post a few times you will become a regular. That will open up other channels as well. Enjoy your time here and feel comfortable to participate by posting and joining in the threads. You can even start a thread if you desire.

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