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Thread: Adult Big Wheel

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    I'd love to have one, but too pricy for me. Couldn't afford it. If I could, it'd be hard to justify the cost. But it is really neat.

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    Justifying the cost is easy for me. I want it. LOL.

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    I've seen these and thought they were cool. I've seen plenty of little kids ride big wheels as when I was a young father, they were very popular. The kids would get going fast, riding down a driveway and then make them spin sideways, etc. They seemed to have a great time on them. I wish I had one when I was a little kid. Now I ride my bicycle on our bike trail. I never outgrew bicycles. I love the feeling of being free, riding the trails through the woods and having the wind blow threw not just my helmet, but through me.

    In my novel, I have my three main characters, two boys and a girl, riding their mountain bikes to get everywhere in Ong's Hat, a place along Barnegat Bay. Bikes are the great freedom machines for kids. Ride on!!!

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