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Thread: My experience with the Rearz Inspire

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    Default My experience with the Rearz Inspire

    I've been babbying now seriously for maybe a year and a half, and in that time I've experimented with most of the dyders available out there. Abenas, Dry 24/7's, Tranquility ATN's, Bambinos of all kinds, ABU Cushies and SDK's, XP Medical's A+ Level 4, Snuggies, and Tena Slip Maxis are among the ones I've put to the test, but I'm here to announce what I think is the World Champion of Dips:

    The Rearz Inspire.

    First, let's get the main drawback out of the way- these are not cheap. However, they are in the ballpark for other premium diapers. They do make a printed diaper (Spoiled) which is a bit more expensive if you want, but that'll be another review. They ship from Canada, so the cheapest shipping rate for a case was $20 USD. Note, when ordering on their site, there's a currency conversion option on the upper left corner where you can see how much it costs in other currencies. Default display is in Canadian dollars. Also, when actually checking out, the price reverts to Canadian dollars, but I emailed them and they replied very swiftly that I would only be charged in US dollars.

    So, let's start with the positives. How about that I emailed the company and asked a question and got a prompt reply within minutes? Yay! And after that, placing the order was simple and quick. I did it from my smartphone. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania, and the box was at my door in a week. I had updates on tracking every so often, and a week is more than reasonable to wait for an international order. I also got the feeling that if I had a question, I know I could send an e-mail and it would be read and responded to. This was my first time ordering a case of dips online, and I was hesitant because all I read were complaints about other companies, but Rearz took care of me nicely.

    So, the diaper, how does it measure up?

    I'll use the Abena L4 as a comparison diaper because most of us are familiar with them.

    The Inspire has a slightly less-poofy padding than an L4 but only slightly. The padding is contoured in a similar hourglass fashion. I'm a size large with a 40" waist and pretty big hamhocks for legs, and the large accommodates my size nicely. The wings come around and secure nicely to just inside my pelvic bone area. I will say that if you're bigger through the midsection, then they may be harder to fasten yourself, but there is enough wingspan and landing strip to make it work for larger individuals. The rise is fairly high- just the way I like, coming right up to my navel. Perfect. In fact, I like how the top side of the diaper comes over my hip slightly, that does wonders at keeping the diaper up without me having to wear a belt or use a lot of extra tape.

    The Inspire is plain white with no wetness indicator or racing stripes, and it is quite crinkly. You will notice this at home or in quiet spaces, but I was out shopping and it was perfectly inaudible under my street clothes. It's very comfortable, but not excessively bulky. It's enough to know you're padded and safe, but you don't have to walk like John Wayne.

    I've tested the Inspire several ways- once overnight with no stuffer, and it held up well. No leaks at all, and I gave it two good soakings. It had room to spare for a third. The packaging boasts a whopping 4500mL capacity- that is 4.5 liters, well over a gallon, and I'm not so sure they're exaggerating. The standing leak guards are not as tall as an L4 or a Dry 24/7 but they are adequate. My plastic pants were barely wet from any residual seepage. The second test, I used a NorthShore Care 2X contoured booster pad which is the same as the XP Medical booster with the adhesive tape that holds the pad in place on the host diaper. I gave this one three good floodings and it didn't come close to leaking. If you want the bulky waddle experience, just add a stuffer to one of these and you can literally go all day.

    The last test was as an active-wear dyder. As I mentioned, I did go shopping today and during my travels, I did my thing. The wicking on this diaper is so fast, it easily absorbed and distributed the wetness within seconds. It will swell the more you release into it but one good whizzing and it still maintains profile. Even standing up, it will wick the wetness towards the back.

    This diaper literally defies gravity.

    So far I've had no issues with clumping or sagging whatsoever. The Inspire holds its form even when close to maximum capacity.

    The Inspire comes in packs of 12 or a case of 48. As someone who doesn't wear every day and usually, just to bed, this is a purchase that is definitely worthwhile. I have other dips kicking around too, so I don't have to just use these, but I like knowing I can go overnight, don't even need a stuffer, and the fit and security they provide are the best I've experienced thus far. The only drawback is the price and shipping, but again, that cost altogether is close to what you would pay for most premium dips. A small nitpick would be wishing they had an XL size for larger folks, because if I were, say, a 46-48 waist like I was a couple years ago I might find taping these on myself to be difficult.

    Aside of that, I haven't experienced anything better yet.

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    Thanks for the review! I've wondering how those diapers actually performed and it is good to hear they are worth a try.

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    I think they're the best overall, I'm going to reorder soon.

    Some have had issues with the tapes, but honestly, I haven't with these, and furthermore, everyone complains about the tapes on every diaper ever, so... that's why I always reinforce with clear duct tape.

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    I just sold myself on them all over again, I reordered, LOL!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattiKins View Post
    This diaper literally defies gravity.
    You don't know what "literally" means.

    P.S. Holy crap, these smilies are bad. If I find a really good, quality, flexible set of smilies, can I submit them as a suggestion to be used on these boards?

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    I know, but "literally" sounds better in sentence than "hyperbolic metaphor". :-)

    And yeah these smilies are so 17 years ago.

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    Sounds like Canadians know how to do a diaper right

    I hope to buy some myself when i get some exta cash

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    So, after writing this last week I talked myself into reordering another case.

    I placed the order on Wednesday, and they arrived Tuesday afternoon.

    This company sure knows how to keep customers happy!

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