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Thread: What dreams have you had involving diapers?

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    Default What dreams have you had involving diapers?

    I ask out of general curiosity as last night I had my most vivid one:

    I was in this big dormitory cabin in the middle of a woodland. It was a dark room with high wooden rafters, full of many cots occupied by other DLs. There I was, in diaper, t-shirt and pacifier, sleeping more warmly and peacefully than I had ever done before. Then I woke, and went outside the cabin for a wander in the woods. It was then that I remembered that the woods beyond the walls of the cabin was not a friendly place for DLs, and many outsiders pointed and laughed at me, making me feel self-concious of my diaper.

    Pretty easy to de-construct, I suppose. Freud would have been bored to tears by me. Anyway, please share:

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    Diapers are a reasonably common element in my dreams, although much moreso when I'm wearing than when I'm not. They are rarely the focus or that significant within the dream itself, but just what I'm wearing. This sometimes changes during the dream, and concealment becomes an issue. I would say that's my most common dream cliché, although it might only pop up 1/4 of the time or less. Otherwise, I'm just doing unrelated things obviously diapered.

    The incidence of others being diapered in my dreams has increased over time from almost never to just unusual. I attribute this to spending more time with others in the real world who are diapered. It's usually a nice change of pace.

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    I have had too many diaper dreams to remember any specifics. There is an interesting trend I noticed a few years ago. I obviously have diaper dreams when I am wearing. The interesting thing is that after a period of not wearing (and not having diaper dreams), I know that my desires are growing because I begin to have many diaper dreams in a row. Most of them involve my wife. Some are that she is accepting and participating (which is not reality). Some are of her finding out and I am embarrassed (reality). Either way, I know I will be wearing soon. I have learned not to fight it.

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    I sleep diapered nearly every night so I am not surprised they play a part in my dreams very often. I usually dream of being in a very wet diaper and friends and or family visit, or I'm at their place and I am struggling to find a place to get out of and ditch the diaper before I get caught.

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    I used to have dreams of machines putting me in diapers like the hands on Mikey Mouse objects. I usually have dreams of wearing them or trying to change. Last night I had a dream where someone kept following me into the bathroom when I wanted to wear a new diaper. The person was persistent... The dream ended without a conclusion as usual.

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    I have diaper dreams every so often, but last night I dreamed I was about 19, and working as a male prostitute. Ah...good times, just like being back in college.....sigh.

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    Lately they have been occurring more often(haven't really had the desire to wear). Normally in the dream, I'm wearing them and get stuck trying to change out of them.

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    Mm, I can't remember any specifics recently. I had one a while ago where I was back in high school and our whole high school band was going on a bus trip to perform somewhere. They were worried that I'd have an accident, so they forced me into a diaper before we boarded the bus. I think that's the most diaper focused dream I've ever had.

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    I had a dream that I was kidnapped by a woman and when I woke up in that dream I was locked in crib with my hands cuffed and a pacifier strapped to my mouth and I had a diaper on I was freaking out and when the woman was returning I just woke up from my dream since my hand slammed into my dresser. I tend to move around in my sleep when having a nightmare XD I've always had a fear of being kidnapped.

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    I've had many dreams about diapers, I think most often I'm a little emberassed thinking someone noticed I was wearing one and I usually use it or have used it, and other times I use it or just go on with the dream.

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