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Thread: BE PREPARED: Excuses for the event of discovery.

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    Default BE PREPARED: Excuses for the event of discovery.

    Here's my current script which I've thankfully never had to use:

    Your ordinary adult diaper stash is discovered:

    'Some family friends who came to visit me were bringing their elderly relative and asked me to track down a few supplies. These are left over, not quite sure what to do with them.'

    Your baby print diapers stash is discovered:

    'A mate of mine wanted to dress up as a baby for Halloween, so needed to order large novelty diapers. Unfortunately he was locked out of his PayPal, so asked me to order them. (If they are unopened) Unfortunately they didn't turn up till after Halloween, so not quite sure what to do with them. (If opened) He got changed here, but didn't take the rest.'

    You are discovered wearing ordinary diapers:

    'I've picked up this rare parasite. Generally I'm ok but doctor says I can't be too careful.'

    You are discovered wearing print diapers:

    A joke? A bet? Hidden camera prank? To be honest, in this scenario you are probably screwed.

    Good luck

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    Or you could just go with "I like them, no big deal" and call it a day.

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    If someone finds you in print diapers, start screaming, wailing, and gurgling out GO GO GA GA.

    Totally works. Pinky swear.

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    you know that dream where you go to the bathroom... it happends...

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    If a friend or my roommates somehow found my stash I would probably calmly tell them the truth. It would suck in the moment but I wouldn't find any of these lies believable.

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    In else try school I paid my friends ridiculously high prices to get diapers ($10.00 for two pampers which weren't even my size), an in turn, I paid them even more to keep quiet about it. In other words, I paid off my friends every time they gave me something so I wouldn't be found out (this was a huge mistake as I later learned that fourth graders do not keep their promises for very long), so all in all, I probably wasted over $200.00 on an inferior product and the price to pay my "friends" off.

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    Making excuses because you are ashamed? Why do you care so much about what that person might think of you? Are they paying your bills? Honestly it took me a while to not give a damn about people's worthless opinions but when you get there life will be so much better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigglemuffinz View Post
    If someone finds you in print diapers, start screaming, wailing, and gurgling out GO GO GA GA.

    Totally works. Pinky swear.
    Warning! Do not do this in front of a police officer. In that case start chanting, "Diapers up. Don't Poop!"

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    As much as that may sound admirable, its a big old world full of many ignorant people. To some outside the ABDL world, a diaper fetish could be confused with, or lead to suspicions of, paedophilia. I live in a small town where everyone knows each other and such a thing would spread like wildfire. I'm a teacher and I work with kids, so I absolutely cannot have those kind of connotations hanging around my head. I know I can be trusted, but you can't expect parents to be rational when it comes to their kids, or companies to be willing to lose customers because of you.

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