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    Hi, I figured it was about time to do an intro properly. Some of ya'll may have seen some of my threads around before, when I was testing the waters, but now I think I'm ready for my real intro. Anyway, here goes. I'm 31 years old, and have had the classic love/hate thing going on with diapers for almost my whole life. I just recently decided to fully accept myself, no matter what anyone else thought, so that explains my lack of activity. That, and the fact that I live in a small Texas town, where people don't like oddities. Other than diapers, I also love animals. I have a habitat set up in my backyard even...attracting all kinds of fauna I also love Legos...go figure. Anyway, I'm just here wanting to meet people of equally liberal thinking, possibly in my area.

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    You're most welcome. Enjoy taking part... there's a lot of support in this community.

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