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Thread: Dressing up tonight

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    Red face Dressing up tonight

    Hi how is everyone. Is anyone else dressing up tonight in there baby outfits? I've my favourite jon Jon one with my onesie and some tights to keep baby's leg's warm for a couple of hours before bed then once it's time for bed I'll be changing the jon jon for a pair of shorts Ohh and I suppose a new diaper if this one gets to heavy lol

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    I have my mother-in-law here at the house, and in the bedroom next to ours, so no baby clothes. Our son is getting married and Saturday, so family and friends are arriving. My baby nights and days are going to hide in the closet for awhile.

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    Awesome. I had one from babypants, great quality tho I thought the sizes where a little big. I like my onesies nice and tight so they hold my diaper nice and tight. Let me know what you think of your once it arrives

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    I will have the house to my self for a cupple of days so I will get the wear my smocked romper around the house

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    Cool, rompers rock !! As I still live with parents it's very rare I get any time to myself just a few hours here and there. My mums sleeping upstairs at the min so I've got my Jon jon back on and a diaper for a while before bed

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    I have the next 3 days off so I will be padded 24/7. Wearing one of the last 3 ABUniverse Cushies that I have with some cloth pre-fold stuffers, a pair of "Hello Kitty" print cloth covered vinyl diaper pants also from ABUniverse, a pair of girls pajama pants and a 3 snap(at the neck), pink pajama shirt. Comfortable and secure!

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    In my rocket ship footies and a diaper tonight

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    I'm wearing my nitetime diapers. Thick flat cloth diapers pinned on. Heavy duty Babykins plastic pants over them. The bulk is a constant reminder of what a baby I am. I'm also wearing the baby giraffe print t shirt my wife made me for valentines day. The giraffe is wearing thick diapers and baby pants just like me. She clipped my binky on it and has my baba ready for bedtime. She's awesome. Life is good....

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