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Thread: Has anyone else seen this on YouTube!!!

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    Default Has anyone else seen this on YouTube!!!

    So I was on YouTube looking for anime videos, when I saw this video online.
    My thing is what do you think of it, if you can afford it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by computerProgrammer View Post
    interesting, that cost tho.
    I know.

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    That's only £700, I spend more than that a month on my car! It's for a week too, it's not all that expensive.

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    It seems interesting, but for $1 just for like 5 days o.O
    Seems like its one day a week too, not daily.

    That group in pic looked like 7 ppl. Thats 7k for that month.
    Sounds like good income if its done monthly.

    Going to a local Con is cheaper and that includes the 4 star hotel. XD

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    Nothing I could afford. That'd take more than half of what I make in a month. Plus there's still the expense of getting to New York. Total, I'd be looking at more than I make in a month. Count me out. Cool idea tho.

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    "Although the class has drawn attention from some unwanted circles...

    We've had some adults enquire about, ya'know, if we're changing diapers and if this all about adult baby play... that's not what this is."

    Is it wrong that I feel more judgemental about the class knowing they're not enjoying things on an AB level? Without an AB element this just seems like some hipster, armchair-psychology rubbish.

    That said, the video reinforces my view of what life in New York is like... Interesting and unbearable.

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    What is the title and publisher of the video? The link is not showing up for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fascinating View Post
    What is the title and publisher of the video? The link is not showing up for me.
    It's this one:

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    Thanks! Awesome! Every town needs a preschool like that. Every preschool should have evening hours for the parents. The caregivers could make extra money and get ideas during the day to do on parent's night. They just have to have a good therapist on staff to keep it therapeutic and not allow it to get too weird. I mean if it is not professionally supervised the kids parents might be wary. I guess the cost would be higher with a therapist, but not $1,000 per week. They could give all parents with kids enrolled a free night every month and with multiple kids an extra free night. Just leave your kids at home that night and you will be a better parent.

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