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    So last night I got really drunk, while gaming with my friends on teamspeak and well I went through 3/4s of a brand new bottle of tequilla which is crazy for me lol, I eventually passed out at some point thankfully wearing my bambino diaper because I woke up that morning with a messy and wet diaper . Note I have never had an incontinence problem since I had a surgery last year xD I don't know whether to be excited or cry because I puked all over the place before I passed out lol!

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    Hmm. Well, yes, probably a good thing you were in that diaper then! I guess that is what they are for.. Have fun, but go easy on that tequila my friend. :-)

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    Happens sometimes when you get really drunk. You might have work up & went, but don't remember it. Or you could have just gone in your sleep. Either way, I don't think you should worry about it. I've got a few friends that don't drink much, because they wet the bed if they have too much.

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    Oooo.....that sounds brutal. I remember one night when I was in college. My best friend and I decided we were going to get passing out drunk, and so we spent the night drinking Black Russians. We had saved up some money for this, so before the drinking, we had gone to a really great seafood restaurant in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. We had our first Black Russians there followed by a lobster dinner. Than on back to my place where we drank and drank....until we got...throwing up drunk. What a mess I had to clean up in the morning, plus the hangover and headache. Nothing like lobster comin' on up!

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    Been there, done that. Thank God for diapers! And the morning after...just...ouch. And at my age, the morning after quickly has become the week after. Recovery time isn't what it used to be

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    The morning after is the worst.. I only had maybe three mugs of beer with a buddy on Friday night while I was shooting pool (I only drink once a year, sometimes once every other year mind you) and I woke up with a killer headache.

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    I do not drink a lot, but I love the idea of messing and wetting without realize after a night like this. Although it never happened to me, It should be nice that you can control yourself always but when drunk. In that way you can decide when to feel more like a baby. I do agree anyway that headache and vomiting is not fun at all.

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    I got pretty drunk last night and had my wife hand me a bambino diaper out of closet and i dont even remember putting it on last night it was for safety measures so i didnt wet and mess myself during the night lol

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    Wow, you guys should try just not getting hangovers. That's what I do and I never have any issues with the next morning, regardless of when I pass out. Makes it very easy to still wake up early, get stuff done, and ready for the night again! Hahaha! But seriously…I don't get hangovers. I hear they suck.

    I do diaper up though, if I am coherent enough to remember and coordinated enough to do it. The trick is to do it RIGHT before you pass out. If I'm still awake for long after putting it on, I find that I use it before sleeping, and that can lead to a wet bed still.

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    I got very drunk last night and padded up for bed. I do not wet while asleep, and I usually have to prop up in order to go. Last night I still woke up but I was able to wet completely flat on my back and stomach. I also placed a bed pad down, which was good because I completely soaked my X-plus and from moving around so much, I leaked a little.

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